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Deciding what one reads for the uite particular milestone of the 1000th book read is uite something Whilst stats are never important in any area of life reading playing Cricket sex they are incredibly fun And let s face it 1000 is a ruddy good number The importance of reading a good book on the 1000th turn was pivotal because the past few books have been in a word direCharles Dickens was a good bet Charles Dickens is always a good bet Even when he dies and leaves a book unfinished he s still a good bet But Charles Dickens only really has a few ways of writing a few things to write about It was a slow world in 1854 Terry Pratchett on the other hand the ever funny ever real ever unashamed of voicing his views is also a good bet sort of Discworld is brilliant but this is not Discworld This is Other And past experience with PTerry s other was mixed at best Nation is an alternative history edition of a marooned Westerner and a native indigenous Great Southern Pelagic Ocean South Pacific Ocean island dweller On the surface it is a relative easy to read older children s book much in the same vain as his Tiffany Aching Discworld novels But as with all of PTerry s works scratch the surface just a little and you enter a world that is full of adult themes that we for some reason have initialised as being Too Grown Up For Kids And Therefore Should Never Be Mentioned In Front Of ThemDeath is a big part of PTerry s works We don t have the capitalised DEATH of Discworld but we still have the humour of death surrounding Mau There s nothing twee here which connects with the period this novel is set in 1860s and people died a lot Mostly of diseases Death was never a mythical beast who visited and left a shadow but instead it was dealt with Mau deals with it as does Daphne the Western cast away It is still dealt with calmly and there are no Lord of the Flies moments but the important thing is that it is dealt with It is fast paced with the occasional lull with no time for thoughts because of the situation except the really big thoughts that are impossible to ignore no matter how many dead relatives one must buryColonisation and Western approaches to dealing with Indigenous Peoples is also dealt with marvellously It s ridiculous to expect every Westerner to apologise for what their ancestors did but PTerry gives it a good go by offering up an alternative view of what should have happened It s also a good way of seeing how other cultures expect children to grow in to adults cutting out the society pressure of such a thing and instead giving Mau and Daphne to some extent the means of physically and mentally growing in to adults by forcing them to become adultsIt is one of those id s books that does not talk down to them but instead talks them up It is full of character who embody something different yet are able to somehow work together for the same end It has goodies and baddies but also in betweenies which is rare in a id s book It is likeable and clever but above all easy to read and understand It is very funny and very very Terry PratchettBlog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy An excellent non Discworld book by Sir TerryAbout his 2008 publication Pratchett himself stated I believe that Nation is the best book I have ever written or will writeNation was an Honor Book in the 2009 Michael L Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature Nation also won the Brit Writer s Award Published Writer of the year 2010So what is all the fuss aboutTaking a break from his fabulously well to do Discworld series Pratchett introduces us to an alternate history where young Ermintrude who calls herself Daphne is shipwrecked on a small South Pacific island home to MauWhat follows is I agree some of Pratchett s best writing fun fast moving thoughtful entertaining and inspiring138th in line to the English throne in what is in this time period to be about 1860 strange things happen not the least of which is a massive tidal wave that deposits Daphne in the middle of the island That same deadly wave has destroyed Mau s village and left him with the lonely business of cleaning things up and getting on with a life he is uncertain about Lonely that is until Daphne shows up as well as a steady flow of other islanders displaced by the storm looking for refuge in the tiny island that is nown as The NationPratchett fills his jaunty narrative with hints of fantasy myth legend and enough feel good to fill up an ocean going sailing ship Exploring themes of family community loyalty and responsibility Pratchett has given us another great book to loveHighly recommended I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan but have to admit I like his adult books best His YA writings like this one are simpler not as cynical and therefore not as funny Nevertheless they are still very goodNation begins with a tsunami which wipes out the residents of many islands including the one where Mau ends up being the only survivor A variety of refugees arrive over the following days and numerous entertaining events occur Pratchett does delve uite deeply into beliefs and the existence or otherwise of gods Mau considers at length what Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story kind of gods would let so many people die The humour in the book comes mostly from the relationships and eventual understandings which develop between the islanders and the trouser people that s us people who wear trousersThis is a good book which just occasionally lets itself wander a bit too far too often into philosophising Still very good reading Dear Terry Pratchett It is entirely unfair that every book of yours I read increases my estimation for you At some point you will no longer be able to live up to my expectations and on that day I am probably going to crySincerely Cait who is EDIT thinking about getting got a hermit crab tattooIind of don t want to talk about the plot because Native boy and English girl survive tsunami build empire of survivors and create a nation of science does not convey how awesome it all is Guys this book is fantastic It s about coming of age religion science culture exploration tsunamis the South Pacific mysterious powers behind the throne and also and if you needed an also I am going to point out that you and I might not be able to be friends any there are tree climbing octopodes Listened to the audiobook May 19 and this book is still fantastic The footnotes are awkward in audio but otherwise no complaintsSeriously what can you ask Terry Pratchett is a weird and wonderful writer his style is completely uniue There really is no other author uite like him and there will probably never be another a true orginal His humour is so strange but remarkably witty Some of the metaphors he uses are just plain genius This is the first Terry Pratchett book I read and I really do need to go and read some This novel takes place on a wacky island full of strange creatures and even stranger people The island s bananas are pink the trees secrete poison it has tree climbing octopus and stones that are worshipped as gods by the inhabitants Doesn t it just sound like a great place Unfortunately for Mau one of two protagonists in this novel his tribe is wiped out by a gre. When a giant wave destroys his entire Nation his family and everyone he has ever nown Mau finds himself totally alone Until he meets Daphne daughter of a colonial Governor and the sole survivor from a shipwreck The.

At wave that surges all nearby land He could see that the village had gone The wave had sliced it off the island A few stumps marked the place the long house had stood since for ever The wave had torn up the reef A wave like that would not have even noticed the villageOn the other hand the island itself remains intact Mau however doesn t have a soul He was completing his initiation to manhood when the wave struck he didn t get chance to finish as the initiators all died leaving his transcendence incomplete What s the poor half man to do He concocts a death wish plain and simple There s no reason to live any Well until the second protagonist s boat Sweet Jude shipwrecks her on the island Ermintrude later called Daphne is a trouserwoman a person from civilisation who is not a tribal and is defined by her culture s wearing of trousers uite funny really these people are silly trousermen and silly trouserwomen well at least they are to Mau Pratchett has created a brilliant narrative voice for Mau that is ever so evocative of his innocence and of his humorous perceptions of westerners Ermintrude almost shoots him when they first meet and the poor lad thinks the gun is a spark maker to help with building fires Is this a frown at imperialism I think so Ermintrude is also a lady who loves to use the etiuette her Grandmother has taught her uite the contrast to Mau s tribal standards After the two get over their first hilariously embarrassing attempts of communication and manage to gain a small degree of understanding of one another they must try to survive on the remains of the wonderful island No easy task considering another bunch of people wash up on island including a wise old priest a pregnant mute woman and eventually another family group This is foreshadowed by the approaching cannibalistic raiders that want to ill everyone on the island Mau and Daphne must solidify their newly forming culture with the remains of the old one and learn to surviveThis book was great The writing was superb the plot exciting and the characters well rounded and funny More importantly however Terry pratchett is an uplifting change to those novelists who take themselves too seriously I should read books like this books that are random and odd Here s a picture of a bird Young Mau is a boy living on an island he nows only as the Nation He has been sent to the Boy s Island where he must survive until he can using only the tools of the island build a canoe that will take him on the return voyage to the Nation By doing so he will prove that he is a man and the village will celebrate as he sheds his boy s soul and takes on his man s soul Except when he returns there are no fires There are no feasts There is no one to welcome him home What is there is death destruction and the dawning realization that the Nation a powerful island tribe has now been reduced to a population of one If Mau dies then the Nation its heritage its ancestors its religion will die tooThis book had two strikes against it when I picked it up 1 it s marketed as young adult and 2 my one foray into Pratchett s writing The Color of Magic was underwhelming So Nation was a very pleasant surprise This isn t young adult literature in the sense that it s written strictly for a younger audience but I think it has been labeled as such because the protagonist is young and now that no one is there to perform the rituals that will draw his man s soul to him wonders if he ll always be than a boy but less than a manWhat seems to be a deceptively simple adventure tale on the surface has levels of complexity as it explores issues tied to colonialism existentialism feminism and racism and one must admit that s an impressive collection of isms As Mau works tirelessly to bury the bodies at sea according to custom he begins to as so many do after a traumatic and life altering crisis uestion the gods and everything he s ever been taught to believe in This confrontation with the void is complicated by the fact that Mau suddenly hears what may be the voices of the gods speaking directly to him When he comes into contact with whites he uestions whether or not his people who seemed to have everything were really inferior savages Now if all that sounds terribly tedious and didactic to you WAIT THERE S MORE There s also action adventure romance and humor There are tsunamis shipwrecks mutineers ings secret passages sharks beer cannons and a foul mouthed parrot And there s a damsel who can take care of herself thank you very muchAnd that s the wonderful thing about this book It causes the reader to think while being entertained And Pratchett accomplishes all of this without being preachy or trying to substitute his answer for your own In fact his message seems to be that you must have faith in something whether it s a god a science or a nation As long as what you believe in is good and furthers mankind your faith is not wasted Perhaps his stance is best summed up by one of the characters Everything I now makes me believe Imo the god of the islanders is in the order that is inherent amazingly in all things and in the way the universe opens to our uestioning When I see the shining path over the lagoon on an evening like this at the end of a good day I believe I just believe You now in things generally That works too Religion is not an exact science Sometimes of course neither is science 366In Nation as in life there are no easy answers but as in life it s one helluva rideCross posted at This Insignificant Cinder and at Shelf Inflicted 2016 Re read for Sci FiFantasy book clubSeriously does anyone else want to Moonrise kick the Nobel Prize committee for not giving Pratchett the award I wish this novel had been around when I was aidolder reviewPhilip Pullman is Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi known perhaps infamously for His Dark Materials trilogy which has been attacked because of Pullman s atheist beliefs as well as the endorsement of atheism that book represents Pullman isn t the only writer to have been attacked due to his view on religion and I doubt that he will be the last one Of course he will undoubtedly be attacked this year because of his new book about Jesus and his buddy ChristI find it strange that there was barely a peep about the books until the movie came outThe problem as I see it with such fame as Pullman receives is that people get hot and bothered either condemning the work or justly defending the work So hot and bothered that books like Nation get overlooked In many ways this is good for no one is trying to ban the book In other ways it is bad for the book doesn t get the fame it deservesTerry Pratchett is a humanist writer of fantasy fiction He wouldn t call his work literature but many of his later novels either is literature or rests on literature s mutable border I ve been a huge fan of Pratchett since Wyrd Sisters made me laugh during a very tough time in my life Thanks Mom for giving the book to me Nation is the best thing that Pratchett has ever written Nation is LiteratureI m not sure if Nation was inspired by the Tsunami in Asia andor Pratchett receiving his medical news In truth I don t really care I donow for Pratchett himself has said Y have no common language no common culture but together they discover some remarkable things like how to milk a pig and why spitting in beer is a good idea and must try and forge a new ind of Nation Then other sur.

T that Nation demanded to be told and he stopped other projects to write itSupposedly a children s book Nation tells the story of Mau who loses his whole Nation his whole tribe when a tsunami hits his island home Eventually Mau discovers Daphne a ghost girl who was washed up by the same wave What then follows is part Robinson Crusoe told from Friday s point of view part Swiss Family Robinson part Island of the Blue Dolphins and part religious and philosophical debatePratchett s novels work because each of his characters is like the reader or like someone the reader nows His characters are human and contain one or aspects of everyone Even Pratchett s most heroic or inhuman characters such as Carrot Rincewind or Death have human traits that effect how they act remember Death really likes cats Here in this book Pratchett presents multiple answers to the uestions Why do bad things happen to good people if there is a just god and How do you feel afterwardsBoth Mau and Daphne have tragically lost family Both of their reactions are human yet different from each other Both uestion the idea of god or in the case of Mau gods and faith Both arrive at different answers More importantly Pratchett doesn t preach he doesn t persuade He just wants the reader to think the conclusion is left up to the reader This makes the book totally honest for there is no clear cut answer to the first uestionBesides engaging the idea of the god debate Pratchett touches on another part of creation where do stories come from Are stories than just religion Is religion than story This comes as no surprise to the reader who has read the last two Science of Discworld booksDespite the tragic and bittersweet events of the story Pratchett s trademark humor including footnotes is present in full force Like his characters Pratchett s humor works because it contains an element of human truth As the following exchange showsDon t look backWhy notBecause I just did Run fasterThe tale of Mau and Daphne is an adventure tale of two teens surviving the aftermath of a natural disaster They most rebuild They must outwit cold blooded Alien Alpha killers and hungry cannibal as well as the odd Grandfather Bird and tree climbing octopus It is a thrillingly story that closely honestly and fairly examines faith science and all in betweenOlder ReviewWhen Nation came out I was a bit disappointed that it wasn t a Discworld novelThen I read itIt s the best thing that Pratchett has ever writtenThe one thing about Terry Pratchett as Lawrence Watt Evans pointed out is that the only real difference between his adult books and his children books are the age of his protagonists There is no reason why an adult shouldn t treat this as a bookIt s a book everyone should readI suppose if Pratchett had the reputation or high profile of Philip Pullman or J K Rowling then there would be a huge cry of how this book should be snatched from the hands of impressable children before they learn how to think for themselves Maybe there is already such an outcry but I haven t heard anything Nation reminds me a bit of Island of the Blue Dolphins with much thrown in Pratchett addresses the big uestions of whether or not there is a god and if there is a god why do bad things happen Bad things happen in this book right from the start Pratchett deserves credit for not sugarcoating what happens but for also dealing with the deathes in a way that does not alienate or upset readers okay upset them too muchWhat Pratchett presents for the reader is a book about what extactly faith and life are When one reads Pullman it is uite easy to figure out where Pullman stands in regards to religion It is not easy to figure out where Pratchett stands One character has lost his faith but may or may not be talking to the gods Other characters have faith Neither character is seen as stupid or evil because of a belief or lack of belief In many ways Nation is a mature novel about faith than Pratchett s earlier tolerance novel Small GodsThis a powerful book and I hope it continues to fly under the radar of those people who think children shouldn t read books that make you thinkEveryone should read this book Disclaimer I m about to wax poetic in a totally corny way Just warning youI am and have been for years of the opinion that Pratchett is the best writer there is He continually serves up pitch perfect depictions of spectacular characters who are both wonderfully inventive and at the same time purposefully normal And in every book hidden in the hilarity and the side splitting satire is a perfect pearl of truth about human nature I remember when I first found one It was the slender and yet unbreakable thread connecting the commercial idiocy of our Christmas season with a sweaty desperate beast running for it s life through a winter nightnowing its death was inevitable Hogfather was a revelation for me For years Pratchett fans have been telling anyone who will listen that only the jokes ept Pratchett from being called a literary genius by the mainstream For me Nation is the final proof No story that opens with such soul deep sorrow can be called a comedy There is some humor of course The foul mouthed parrot is hard to miss but even that has a somewhat sinister explanation This is the first Pratchett book that I had to finish in one sitting Always before they were savored over days I new I could trust Disc World to be alright in the end and if some people met death in the process well he s a pretty good guy all around so where s the harm in that But Nation is not set on Disc World but much closer to home so I had to stay up until 315 AM to see how it all ended Death is a much scarier guy in this book although at the end much the same The pearl of wisdom in this book is not small and not hidden It s sitting right out there in the middle of the stage with flashing lights over its head This is about why we believe or choose not to believe In something In anything It s about us but then again it always is even when its also about trolls and dwarves And as always it is the characters that catch me Two seemingly normal individuals made extraordinary by circumstances and the way they react in those circumstances In the end I love Pratchett because he can show me characters that I now are human all the way to their toes and yet they give me hope Mau Vimes Granny Weatherwax even the Patrician they don t do what they do so that people will thank them appreciate them worship them They do what they do because it needs doing and no one else stood up for the job They do the hard jobs they give up certain niceties in life so that at the end of the day all is well not just for them but for everyone It gives me faith that somewhere in this world there are men and women like that It gives me hope that the human race as a whole might be worthwhile In the end all I can say is Terry Thanks Brilliant Absolutely brilliant This is YA so I won t give it an official review but man is it top notch stuff Faith and desert islands Foul mouthed parrots and science It s a little like Swiss Family Robinson a little like Casablanca and a little like nothing I ve read before Grand great stuff. Vivors arrive to take refuge on the island and not all of them are friendlyIn Nation Pratchett bring us a novel that is both witty and wise encompassing themes of death and nationhood while also being extremely funn.

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Born Terence David John Pratchett Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen which earned him enough money to buy a second hand typewriter His first novel a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet People appeared in 1971 from the publisher Colin Smythe Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels i

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