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The first few pages And I love when immediately afterwards without undue delay we start looking for a villain I prefer to get to know my heroes through subseuent events in the book And this is what ve got here On the first pages we see a strange suicide and a few pages later Fandorin begins to look for answers What could I don t know if the charm of this novel translates well into English but in its original Russian language this short historical mystery is deliciousThe Winter ueen or as it was originally titled Azazel is the first book in a series of detective stories whose main character is Erast Fandorin In this novel set in 1870s Russia Erast is a 20 Programmable Microcontrollers with Applications year old wide eyedouth who accidentally comes to investigate a strange case of public suicide In spite of his naivete and innocence Erast proves himself an astute detective and manages to untangle a world wide conspiracyThe best thing about this novel is that while it manages to give a taste of Russian history culture and mentality it never stops being a first class entertainment dynamic and fun I would recommend this book to anyone remotely interested in 19th century Russia but who is intimidated by Tolstoy and Dostoevsky This is a brilliant book The plot is clever and full of those no way moments that I love in mysteries I laughed out loud than once Fandorin is such a silly and unassuming hero and his use of the male corset was absolutely divine I did see a few things coming but the writing was such fun to read that it didn t spoil the book for meI appreciate it as a work of Russian literature excellently translated of course the ending was incredibly Russian we can t have things be TOO happy can we as well as the banter between characters about famous Russian novelists and poets even reciting some Russian poetry I liked getting a feel for Russia and Europe during the late 19th century and how different detective work stretching across nations must ve been before the telephone and internet This book was a pleasure on many different levels I d read Akunin again For the first half of this book I was of the opinion that this was an ok crime thriller but one like a few others I have read which felt a bit thin Some historical crime thrillers feel to me a bit like once the well researched chosen cultural and chronological aspects are stripped away The Big Book of Losers: Pathetic but True Tales of the World's Most Titanic Failures! (Factoid Books) you re not left with much except a simple story dressed up in unusual words This had some strange names and social ranks and the story set up in a fairly likeable way the first half was fairly enjoyableBut the second half especially the final twists was just silly The repetitive superhuman and seemingly psychic ualities of the central character just got unbelievableet his blundering stupidity to get into the scrapes he then extracted himself from in amazing manner this was ridiculous too There wasn t much wrong with the writing and much of the characterisation but the plot was just daft Meh I read the last hundred pages uickly rolling my eyes at the multiple sillinesses I discovered Boris Akunin last The Thing About Alice year and immediately fell into his prosaic style His novels are full of humor and suspense and there are parts that made me laugh aloud These books are a fun riotous read thatou don t want to put down until ou ve completed each and every one of the. For instance have both victims left their fortunes to an orphanage run by the English Lady Astair And who is the beautiful AB whose signed photograph is found in the apparent suicide's apartment Relying on his keen intuition the eager sleuth plunges into an investigation that leads him across Europe landing him at the deadly center of a terrorist conspiracy of worldwide proportio.

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And may just need to stick to the classic Russian writers who had to write to save their livesI wouldn t tell others to not read this book I think a lot of people probably like it Hell all of Russia can not be wrong They love this guy there so I figure the fault is on my own side So knock ourself out and I promise to someday no rush check out another book by him In the meantime someone needs to recommend a contemporary Russian author who isn t crap A to Z project book 6What a delightful mysteryadventure Set in 1876 in Russia and other parts of Europe it follows an energetic but naive oung man who has just begun a career as a minor functionary in the Moscow police Erast Fandorin is something new or perhaps something old made new again a character who succeeds not through his abilities although he is not without talents but because fate seems to be on his side Akunin catches the tone of Victorian adventure very well Plotwise this reminded me of one of Sherlock Holmes s escapades a small local crime that expands into a big and admittedly rather silly international conspiracyThere s a dark twist at the end that has me anxious to continue in this series On to The Turkish Gambit The Publisher Says Moscow May 1876 What would cause a talented oung student from a wealthy family to shoot himself in front of a promenading public in the Alexander Gardens Decadence and boredom most likely is what the commander of the Criminal Investigation Divi Absolutely and totally fun novel reminiscent of those old cliffhanger series things I would recommend this book to readers who like what I would call literary mysteries rather than the fast food type of reads although I must say some of the ffrs fast food reads are pretty good so I m not slamming them I have read hundreds in my time Anyway this one demands a little of our patience time but ou will be rewarded in the long run brief plot review wo spoilersSet in Moscow in the czarist Russia of 1876 the novel opens with a Edge of Chaos Sons of Chaos MC young man a student named Kokorin standing in front of a bench in a suare full of people The man takes out a revolver puts it up to his head and informs aoung girl sitting there with her governess that unless she kisses him he s going to blow his brains out She doesn t and he does Of course the police are called in and it turns out that on that same day there were other public suicide attempts all using the same method all over town The police are left baffled but one enterprising Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou young man Erast Fandorin sees that there must be under the surface Erast is just a newbie in the police department but he is sharp What follows keeps Erast on the edge of danger and leads to a crime so vast it spills out of Russia s bordersI could say but I d wreck the story and I HATE when people do thatConsidering that this is the first in a series the main character comes o Oh wow I did not expect this book to be so good And so funny Earlier I heard a lot of good things about this series But now I ve found out what a good story it is myselfThis book has everything A great and interesting plot a fantastic main character and lots of humor Let s start with the plot because ultimately this is the reason whyou read a detective novel right I really like when the book starts with a strong blow when we find the corpse on. N of irresistible charm to the Alexander Gardens precinct for informationFandorin is not satisfied with the conclusion that this is an open and shut case nor with the preliminary detective work the precinct has done and for good reason The bizarre and tragic suicide is soon connected to a clear case of murder witnessed firsthand by Fandorin There are many unresolved uestions Why.

This is the first book of a very popular Russian series which brought fame to its author Boris Akunin real name Grigory Chkhartishvili Boris Akunin considers mystery genre to consist of several sub genres his own classification he wrote each book of the series in each sub genre conspiracy spy political Agatha Christie type etc In the first book we are presented with a conspiracy mysteryThe main hero of the series is Erast Fandorin a oung man in 19th century Russian Empire the first book takes place in 1876 A talented student from a wealthy family shot himself in a broad daylight which seems to be the obvious case of a suicide resulting from trivial reasons but our hero is not satisfied with this conclusion He starts digging deeper and eventually stumbles upon a vast conspiracyThe book gives a depiction of Russian Empire at the turn of 19th century I found the historical background to be excellent and Moscow feels really alive As a mystery novel is fails on several accounts A hero of a detective series can make it or break it Consider the most famous detectives Sherlock Holmes Hercule Poirot Nero Wolfe and others All of them have very interesting and bright personalities Erast Fandorin falls flat for meHe is not that smart to begin with and he usually solves the mystery right after the solution practically jumps into his face but I really need to cut him some slack here as this is his first case So what does he have going for him He is incredibly lucky uite often an assassin sent to dispatch him stumbles in the very last moment something falls on hisher head and so on His luck extends to gambling he never loses a game of cards or dice To me this looks like a cheap trick to make up for his deficiency in grey cells areaConclusion 2 stars for mystery 4 stars for historical background which makes up for 3 stars overall This review is a copypaste on my BookLikes one Boris Akunin is actually a pen name of Grigory Chkhartishvili bless ou according to the About the Author section in the back Akunin is Japanese for villain a rather fitting pen surname for someone who is apparently legendary in Russia for his crime novels The Winter ueen is one of three mysteries featuring the detective Erast Fandorin I understand all three of them were made into big Russian blockbuster movies I think I might like the better movie I m just sayin This particular story is being remade into an English film coming out next Khaiye Aur Vajan Ghataiye year Thank god for Wikipedia for those of us who live under rocksAkunin has the opportunity to create a really awesome detective a Russian James Bond ifou will Tales from a Pilots Logbook yet I found Fandorin to be rather a wiener He s a 20ear old detective still wet around the ears who uncovers a plot for world domination In Moscow 1876 The concept seems pretty awesome but my literary planets were clearly not aligned and I found myself mentally snoozing most of the way through this Which is sort of a hard feat if it s meant to be a conspiracy novel I expect these sorts of books to grab me from the beginning shake me like a dog toy and not let go until the end when my proverbial neck is brokenI might check out the other two Fandorin novels I want to like this guy because he s Russian but I m wondering if maybe I have a problem with contemporary Russian authors ugh Victor Pelevin. Moscow May 1876 What would cause a talented oung student from a wealthy family to shoot himself in front of a promenading public in the Alexander Gardens Decadence and boredom most likely is what the commander of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Moscow Police thinks but still he finds it curious enough to send the newest member of the division Erast Fandorin a oung ma.

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