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The Statue of Liberty This is the 24th book in the Wagons West series I m not much for westerns but this series held my interest The stories get a little convoluted in the last few books but still worth reading xcelkant as are all of the books written by Dana Fuller Ross Celebration took me forever to get my hands on it Lol then I found. ReamsCELEBRATION From Oregon north to Alaska from Montana south to Arizona Territory the Holt family beginning with the legendary wagon master Whip Holt has fought outlaws renegages to make the West safe free Now as the ntire country readies for the biggest most fabulous celebration in it's history one last life and death mission will be put in the hands of Toby Holt A se.

Historical fiction set in 1876 Celebration has romantic scenes that any Zane Grey novel The work has three storylines An army officer tracks the murderer of his wife while doing his duty There is an attempt to smuggler rubber plants out of Brazil to reduce the price of rubber An American commissioner takes on a plot to blow up the hand for. For one hundred glorious years America offered true freedom to those seeking to scape tyranny's chains Now in 1876 pioneer farmer businessman laborer join to celebrate the grand Centennial It will be a day to remember forever But unless strong men women remain vigilant it can become a time of unforgettable terror as America's nemies once again challenge our courage our

It right under my bum when j was in a taxi lol it was fate Lol W Ros I ve read all 24 books in this series This is the final book I ve njoyed them all The story kept me interested I m now going to start the next series of ten that continues with the same family about 10 years later Second Time I am Reading this Series Ross Dana Fuller Cret band of anarchists plan to make the July 4 1876 Centennial a bloodbath Unless they are stopped a bomb of terrifying power will destroy not only hundreds of lives but a cherished symbol of our liberty Beautiful Cindy Holt Kerr the intreped Major Henry Blake walk a razor's dge of danger desire Toby Holt faces the ultimate test of his heroism before the great CELEBRATIO.

PDF/EBOOK Celebration BY Dana Fuller Ross

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Dana Fuller Ross Anne Marie Burgess; Michael Burgess; Nicholas Gorham; Paul Lewis; Leon Phillips; Donald Clayton Porter; Philip Vail; and Carter A Vaughan He has written than 325 novels James Reasoner pictured is an American writer He is the author of than 150 books and many short stories in a career spanning than thirty years Reasoner has used at least nineteen pseudonyms in addition to his own name Jim Austin; Peter Danielson; Terrance Duncan; Tom Early; Wesley Ellis; Tabor Evans; Jake Foster; William Grant; Matthew Hart; Livia James; Mike Jameson; Justin Ladd; Jake Logan; Hank Mitchum; Lee Morgan; JL Reasoner with his wife; Dana Fuller Ross; Adam Rutledge; and Jon Sharpe Since most of Reasoner's books were written as part of various existing Western fiction series many of his pseudonyms were publishing house names that may have been used by other authors who contributed to those series

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