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It was strange and yet enamouring meeting the likes of Nick Cave a legend at the shop featured in this book and telling them that his band were so awful at some random festival and him agreeing wholeheartedly that in fact that they were and even is uite an insanely liberating experience as a music fan espite my love for Nick Cave So how wholeheartedly excited was I to iscover this album of pre fame alternative acts babbling on about their influences and attitude towards the system in 1987 It was such a comforting and warming task to read this collaboration of alternative 80s acts while they are at their most vulnerable I particularly enjoyed the interviews with Henry Rollins Marc Almond New Order Mark E Smith and even a virginal Sonic Youth Little fragments of all the main players not very comprehensive but a good primer If you re slightly Anglophilic and on t believe Eighties music began and ended with Michael Jackson this is probably the most important book you can read about the era. Er Trio Matt Johnson The The Laibach Lydia Lunch New Order Psychic TV Boyd Rice Henry Rollins Clint Ruin Silverstar Amoeba Mark E Smith The Fall Sonic Youth Stevo Mark Stewart Swans Test Dept David Tibet Current 93 Touc.

(PDF/EBOOK) Tape Delay Ú Charles Neal


A virtual who s who of the most important artists of the 1980s underground miraculously written 120 Content Strategies for English Language Learners during that time rather than peering backward commenting in hindsightMuch overlap between artists as many of them worked together at one time or another Focused almost entirely on British performers since this is where the Industrial and Electronic music genres thrived this bookelivers crucial insider information about the birth and evolution of a cultural movement as efined through music and performance art often combined Many interviews with the artists themselves and black and white images throughoutI m totally unclear on why this book isn t well known and popular given its historical significance but I guess time will tellI consider this one a must read along with WRECKERS OF CIVILISATION THEE PSYCHICK BIBLE RESearch Magazine ENGLAND S HIDDEN REVERSE among others An intereseting bunch of interviews I bought it for the Michael Gira Henry Rollins Genesis P Orridge and Boyd Rice interviews 'Tape Delay' investigates those rare underground performers who've stuck their forefingers up the butt of commercial insensibility to pursue their own visions A virtual Who's Who of people who've one the most in the ei.

Nfortunately Rollins isn t interviewed and only appears on about two pages The Nick Cave Coil and Einsturzende Neubauten interviews were good as well My favorite musicks all inside one cover Great interviews with 80s industrial music folks and weirdos Worth reading if you Alt 38 Environmental Transformations dig that stuff Kind of zine like A pretty good primer for the burgeoning no wave scene coming out of the industrial movement in the late 70s Any book that includes SWANS and Neubauten is always going to get points On the other hand the lenghty interviews with Steve O founder of Some Bizarre records and rip off artist get a bit boring Of courseuring this time inventing who you were was part of the thrill an attitude of cinderblock was Academic Skills de rigeurah those were theays Modern music is missing a LOT of the angry young man and woman DIY aesthetic that these bands had and in most cases still Before the Door Closes do worth reading but not very comprehensive Most of my favourite artists interviewed in the same book how could I not give it 5 stars. Ghties torag music out of commercial confinement NMEContributors Marc Almond Dave Ball Cabaret Voltaire Nick Cave Chris Cosey Coil Einsturzende Neubauten The Fall Diamanda Galas Genesis P Orridge Michael Gira The Hafl.

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