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PDF/EPUB The Big Book of Soul: The Ultimate Guide to the African American Spirit by Stephanie Rose Bird

Recommend hands down not to those who view Hoodoo as a Band Aid maybe but certainly to everyone seriously wishing to learn about true healing and spiritual practices Stephanie Rose Bird became the mouthpiece of her ancestors and was able to convey many tidbits of their wisdom with ease when she allowed them to merge with her own superb knowledge of herbs and healing oods a magickal book was born The Big Book of Soul is a spellbinding read that will undoubtedly open new doors of perception Another ine example of Ms Rose Bird s exceptional research and prose I am the author of the book Through my research and writing on the topic I learned that soul as investigated through herbalism art and craft is very complex. He arts and provides readers with ancient healing rituals and practices they can use todayFilled with un A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 facts practical advice and ancient spiritual wisdom The Big Book of Soul isor any reader who wants a genuine rooted experience of soul tod.

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T drew me in most or the amazing descriptions of a culture I wasn t so I Love My Dad familiar with I became so enthralled with the lives of the people described in the book that I could almost picture them inront of me and their suffering and joys became my own I was thrilled to All about Us find such detailed explanations not only on the use of healing herbs andoods but also on how each of them became such an important part of the African American culture I learned about soul ood and how it came to be and I elt I was given the opportunity to enrich my own life and perception through the many tidbits of ancient wisdom so skillfully delivered and beautifully threaded throughout the bookThe Big Book of Soul is definitely a title I would. YAuthor Stephanie Rose Bird takes readers on a breathtaking journey of soul by examining the spirit of animism and how it evolved in contemporary African American culture She explores spiritual practices related to diet dance beauty healing and

Being passionate of all things spiritual I became really intrigued when I read the editorial reviews of The Big Book of Soul Finally I had the opportunity to read a book dealing with the spiritual practice of Hoodoo which Noni Speaks Up focused on healing rather than hexing I went to a local bookstore to pick up a copy already expecting to like the book but nothing prepared meor the treat I was about to receive The cover itself with its abundance of color and Handbags and Gladrags festive energy was striking enough to get my attention the moment I laid eyes on it I gingerly took the book home and began to read Little did I know that I wouldn t be able to put it downor the next day and a halfI m not sure if it was the exuisite style of writing tha. Soul is the ultimate expression and experience of African American culture The Big Book of Soul is the An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) first popular reference book to provide an in depth examination of the source of soul in African culture and how soulinds its expression toda.

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