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By secrets Celia takes herself North to cope and forget I won t give away the rest but it was a good read wit. Utal act of lust she had been forced to betray her beloved Rafe Outraged by savage injustice she would be forced to betray her beloved VicksburgAs a nation's passions rupted in civil war Celia would be torn from Rafe Latti's tender mbrace driven to tur.

This book was set during the Civil War Celia and Rafe are the main characters young people in love torn apart. Lovers nemies they were wrenched apart by treacheryand a great nation at warHer hair was like white gold spun by moonlight her skin like golden summer peaches but beneath her soft radiant beauty Celia Bartlett would discover a will of ironShamed by a br.

H lots of point of view switching I really Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America enjoyed how much historical civil war detail was added to the story. N renegade plunged into battledreaming only of the day when there would be annd to bloodshed an nd to the agony of longingwhen two hearts tested by pain and bitter separation could be joined again in the fulfillment of purest love and rapturous desire.

Tempest AUTHOR Christina Savage (PDF)

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