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Wasn t sure if this was a true story but learned later on it was I was engrossed I would say I can t believe that people ot away with some of the things that happened to so many kids but this day and age nothing would surprise me It beggars belief that adults could do that sort of things with kids and Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide get away with it for so many years What a brave person the author Colm O Gorman was Great read Shocking to know that an institution like the church could be so cruel to those trusted to them So well written So honest Colm is an inspiration in his actions and compassion for others who were also abused An amazing journey that should have been so different Heartbreaking that so so many childhoods were taken away Sickening is the church s self serving attitude allowing it to happen and continue The same church that reuired women to be churched afteriving birth as they were unclean put women in institutions because they were unmarried and pregnant Never a word against the man involved and they were definitely not miraculous conceptions All from an institute that should have compassion and love of fellow humans at its Christian core instead all we see is corruption secrets denial and lies A powerful and emotional book about a very difficult topic this was beautifully written poignant and honest and even painful at times I am in awe of Mr O Gorman and his bravery and compassion the bravery to come forward and accuse one of the most powerful authorities in the world and the compassion he displays towards other victims and their families In simple elouent prose he recounts his tale and the valuable lessons he learned along the way It seems wrong to say I enjoyed the book instead I will simply say I am very lad. 'I was living in a world where a priest who spoke the words of God used me for sex and there was no one to tell The world where this horror happened didn't exist for anyone else'As a boy in Ireland where everyone from among his own neighbours to the powers of church and sta.

EBOOK or PDF Beyond Belief: Abused by His Priest. Betrayed by His Church. The Story of the Boy Who Sued the Pope.

Y written but this is a story that needs to be told I picked this book up in a second hand store on a whim and it was an incredible readWhile the writing was simplistic and there were some less engaging parts it was overall heartfelt interesting and important Deeply disturbing and powerful this book made me at times very sad and very angry and also very moved There were times when tears came to my eyes as I read about O Gorman s struggle to find peace after his abuse I have read books about priest sexual abuse before so I was familiar with the lengths that the Catholic Church has one to hide abuse and shelter pedophile priests so that was not a shock but its still something that can horrify me I liked that this book was not just about the court case but also about O Gorman s recovery We follow him on his journey to heal and see how he manages to rise above the abuse Because of that it was a very emotional and inspirational read O Gorman has done so much ood with his life and I want to learn about the documentary and his charity now A concisely written but harrowing account of the sexual abuse of a child Colm O Gorman by his parish priest Father Sean Fortune The novel explores his incredulity when he discovers that the Catholic Church not only knew about Father Fortune s predilection for boys but repeatedly placed young vulnerable boys at risk in order to protect the reputation of the church The adverse impact of the sexual abuse on Colm is examined through the fragility of his family relationships and his pain is exposed at having to confront the demons from his past Colm is an articulate and concise writer whose courageous stance protected other children from further abuse a painful but honest account. Ting a watershed in history as hundreds victims found the courage to report their abuseBeyond Belief is a powerful story of a young man's shame turning to outrage and demonstrates that whatever our past hurts there is hope for the future if we are prepared to stand for trut.

That I read it The truth demands action while secrets and lies allow us to avoid taking action they allow us to continue to pretend that everything is fine even when it is most definitely not A beautiful book Not only does it tell the ordeal of a young boy abused by his priest but also examines the dangers of the state iving too much power to religious organisations This book really opened my eyes to the power and influence of the Catholic church and told me a lot I didn t know about homosexuality laws in Ireland as well A very insightful wonderfully written text with valid points to make about religion and politics Definitely worth a read and I will certainly be looking out for the corresponding documentary as well as supporting One In Four a charity set up by author Colm O Gorman to help adults and children who have been abused A powder keg of emotions Colm is an inspiration to all a man abused by such an evil monster of whom resided underneath a dog collar and protected by the Vatican The amount of people that knew of this evil predator and many others yet remained silent is astounding The fact that the Vatican can t be sued due to being a Sovereign State and its bishops overseas claim immunity How can that be Where is the duty of care to our precious children Not being Catholic and not living in a country where Catholicism reigns supreme I am finding it difficult to Cite Right: A Quick Guide to Citation Styles--MLA, APA, Chicago, the Sciences, Professions, and More grasp how a Priest can walk into a home and take charge His mother certainly doesn t come across as supportive and with respect I have difficulty understanding why she wasn t a force beside him in his very public and very painful journey And why when finding out of the sexual abuse she didn t seem to address it in any state or form Poorl. Te chose to deny that a priest could sexually assault a child Colm O'Gorman felt only shameuilt and fear at the regular rape and abuse he sufferedBut Colm would o on to make history successfully suing the Roman Catholic Church asking uestions of the Pope himself and crea.

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