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This is the second time I ve ead this book the first time was about a decade ago I considered it one of my favorite books back then and had ecommended it to a number of friends Reading it again I do emember the beauty of the writer s thoughts I was mesmerized by the topic the a history of the gnostics I include this book in my list of books of Mindfulness for Black Dogs Blue Days: Finding a Path Through Depression reading for insomnia a sort of collection of books which come to my mind when I think of that liminal space between dreaming and being barely awake Books toead when you are awoken in the early morning or when you are forced to have to get up Books that Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia reveal a hidden light into the everyday This book is a lyrical meditation on ancient gnosticism as the betrayal of the physical cosmos It is beautifully written Lacarriere has heavyweight fans like Lawrence Durrell and Marguerite YourcenarLacarriere nicely conveys the alienated horror the ancient Gnostics felt for the world around them And he maintains that this is in some ways comparable to our contemporary alienation under capitalism In this way an ancient heresy and modernevolution are used to illuminate each other And our author goes about this in a manner that is very convincingI found myself also uite interested by the brief criticisms our author permits himself of the so called Traditionalist School the discussion occurs towards the end of the book that begins with Ren Gu non For our purposes here let us say that the Traditionalist maintain that the Truth that all the Great Religious Traditions point to is unsurpassable and thus they and only they are. Gnostics have always sought to “know” ather than to accept dogma and doctrine often to their peril This inuiry into Gnosticism examines the character history and beliefs of a brave and vigorous spiritual uest that originated in the ancient Near East and continues into the present dayLawrence Durrell writes “This is a strange and original essay a work of literature than of scholarship though it.

The bearers of TruthThe argument with this is or so I take Lacarriere to mean that given the adical evil of the World according to the Gnostics we can expect no help from past eligions that all spoke to a very different time Our author argues that this cult of the past can only distract Man from his true uest the uest for a new consciousness springing from his immediate experience and contingent on the presentOf course this is exactly what Gu non feared most Everyone doing their own thing While I think Gu non has a point specifically here Lecarriere is certainly ight to argue that Man is no longer the passive The London Marathon recipient of natures blows that he was in either ancient or even medieval times The modern capitalist industrial technologicalevolution has changed all that The several great RSPB Pocket Garden Birdwatch religions born in the wake of the Agricultural Revolution and conseuentise of Empire cannot hope to speak to a world in which Man has become an Effective PowerThis is The Courtship Maneuver (The Alpha Billionaire Club - Book 2) radically new Our author maintains thateligious answers to the human condition if they can be found must only be in the future not the pastA Huge If but I agree Modernity has changed the way people live as much as the Agriculture Revolution alongside the ise of Empire once did The Axial Age Religions arose as a esponse to this If the changes wrought by modernity industry technology and science media and the internet prove to be as profound as those at the dawn of History and continue to endure it is no longer entirely impossible to imagine a new eligion and eligious sensibility ethos eventually isin. S documentation is impeccable It is as convincing a econstruction of the way the Gnostics lived and thought as DH Lawrence’s intuitive Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey recreation of the vanished Etruscans”“Aemarkable book for both knowledge and the understanding of Gnostic texts so abstruse at first sight and for the poetical interpretation of the Gnostic movement across history Lacarriere is particularly well informed abou.

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G and swallowing up its pr A wonderful essay on the life and times of this Lithic Illustration: Drawing Flaked Stone Artifacts for Publication religious movement that stirred the christian world for a few centuries Easilyead lets you know the movement s main branches and protagonists and keeps you curious and interested in each pageTo be honest I doubt this is an objective depiction of the gnostics Some of them are presented something as poets of Buying the Night Flight: The Autobiography of a Woman Foreign Correspondent (Updated Edition) religious doctrinesather than eligious leaders Then you need to ead something from the side that likes Gnostics since they have much suffered by false accusations in the past I have always been amazed by gnostics and their views on life and our existence they were always enigma in the history of our civilization maybe they spoke the truth and because of that they were crushed by establishment and it s main device the church Jacues Lacarriere essay is crucial one to understand about who were they what they believed and what they preached This essay is philosophical one than historical and Lacarriere transports you to III century Alexandria one of the crucial cities in development of Adam und Eva im Paradies. Für die fröhlichen Nachkommen aufgezeichnet religions At the end we can conclude that today s world is similliar to time when Gnostics lived many things stay the same injustice control by the state and its instruments materialism immorality poverty diseases iseally our planet Hell and creation of Demiurge Such a wonderful piece At some points I was wondering if this is a novel or a historical essay The book was highly ecommended by Henry Miller and Lawrence Durrell I think Durrell gave it to Miller A lot to be learned from Lacarrier. T the various currents and undercurrents of Gnosticism and their perennial importance for the eligious and the mystic mind”  Marguerite YourcenarJacues Lacrarriere 1925 2005 was a French writer who studied philosophy and classic literature and was known for his work as a critic journalist and essayist In 1991 he eceived le Grand Prix de l'Academie francaise The Great Prize of the French Academy.

Jacues Lacarrière 2 December 1925 – 17 September 2005 was a French writer born in Limoges He studied moral philosophy classical literature and Hindu philosophy and literature Professionally he was known as a prominent critic journalist and essayistA passionate admirer of ancient Greece and its mythology Lacarrière wrote about it extensively His essay L'été grec Greek Summer was an im

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