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But there should be at least 2 projects for any level of knitter If you re a beginner you ll want another book like Stitch n Bitch to help understand some of the notations and what the stitches actually mean A personal preference for me is to see the finished project before the pattern because that helps me visualise it this book had it the other way round Minor but annoyingview spoilerPatterns includedFingerless glovesEarflap hatLinen capFelted cuffRosette stitch cowlHorizontal rib scarfCircle stripe scarf and cravatJewelry trio arrings bracelet necklaceBaby s britchesGarter stitch baby sweaterBaby capeletDrawstring baby hemp shortsMohair baby kimonoBaby legwarmersMini gift bagsSummer satchelWickerwork accessory bagFelted bagSilk gelato clutchConnected suares felted handbagCat toy ballHot water bottle coverLavender pillowWashcloths mittStash blanketBasic pillowsPleated vase sleevePetite vessels little knitted boxesLinen placematsServing tray hide spoiler FunEasily understood instructions makes knitting funPerfect ideas for leftover and small uantities of yarnGreat for inspiration when overwhelmed Always a crap shoot with pattern books only found one pattern in here I d ven think about making so glad I borrowed from Library instead of buyin. ; fingerless mitts; sweaters britches and capelets for baby; hemp jewelry mbellished with jump ring “beads”; a felted pleated sleeve to dress up a vase; and a multicolored blanket worked from assorted stash yarn All of them are uick and relatively asy to make without sacrificing beauty or ingenuityJohn Mulligan Photographer.

I like a few of the patterns in this book as things to knit for uick presents and use up small amounts of yarn Most of the patterns suggest an ideal type of yarn but give xact amounts of yardage than most so you can actually determine if you have nough spare yarn Many of them also have several versions so you can gear your project to the amount of yarn you haveMost of the patterns are text There are a few charts for items that have detail in the designI had a few problems with the layout but I read the Book version of this book so that might be why I had a hard time figuring out what pictures went with what items and I couldn t find the titles of a few of the items so it was hard to tell where one pattern All Roads Lead Home ended and another began Maybe in the printdition this would not be an issue I felt that the pictures were suited to the items and that there were nough to get an idea of what you would be making A nice collection of patterns I am such a slow knitter though I wouldn t call anything uick I liked the felted cat toys the hot water bottle cover and the linen cap Cute patterns but mediocre instructions and not nough images to really get a feel for what the project is supposed to look like One More Skein is divided into four sections conta. “Two needles and one or one skein of yarn the possibilities never cease to amaze me” writes Leigh Radford in the introduction to her new book Radford’s fascination with the creative potential of these raw materials is vident throughout One More Skein where she melds the alternative approach to knitting and felting she intr.

Ining patterns for adult hats gloves and scarves some unusual garments for babies a collection of bags and household items Each project reuires a couple of skeins of yarn with the xception of the blanket pattern which would be great for using up leftover yarns in different colors My personal favorite is the linen placemat pattern The appendix includes instructions for specific knitting techniues and a list of suppliersWhile author Leigh Radford has introduced some original design The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis elements as a lifelong knitter I find this collection a bit too basic On the othe Great idea for the book but I didn t find many projects I wanted to make It would have been nice if the book contained basic patterns Small projects with flairSmall projects that have utility but remain attractive Also not difficult but not soasy they prevent the user from making pretty things DisappointedI was xpecting Not a fan of felted items I work primarily with acrylic yarn for charity and only a couple of these items could be considered for that purpose I gathered a few ideas like little knit gift bags but didn t feel overly inspired Felted cuffs really The few things I could make were relatively boring and I ve found much interesting patterns for my skill level on Ravelry. Oduced in AlterKnits and AlterKnits Felt with the magic she worked with a single skein of yarn in the bestselling One Skein  One More Skein features 30 diverse projects that can be completed with one or two average sized skeins of yarn or multiple bits of leftover yarn Projects include an arflap hat sized for the whole family.

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Leigh Radford is an award winning author designer and teacher Artistic inventive and resourceful Leigh freuently explores creative re use and imaginative application of unusual materialsHer books include AlterKnits Felt Imaginative Projects for Knitting and Felting STC Fall 2008 AlterKnits Imaginative Projects and Creativity Exercises STC Fall 2005 and One Skein 30 uick Projects to

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