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English Learners, Academic Literacy, and Thinking: Learning in the Challenge Zone E–book/E–pub

Ply If you re an academic who doesn t actually need to use the information on this text then you might enjoy it If you re a teacher looking or greater understanding or advice on how to help your students read The Slave Dancer fluently this is much of a theoretical text than anything useful I love this book It is indispensibleor secondary programs Special Agent for English language learners The book isocused on academic literacy in the middle grades as a bridge between learning to read to reading to lear. N English Learners Academic Literacy and Thinking Pauline Gibbons presents an action oriented approach that gives English learners high level support to match our high expectations Focusing on the middle grades of school she shows how to plan rigorous literacy oriented content based instruction and illustrates what a high challenge high support curriculum looks like in practice Gibbons author of Scaffolding Language Scaffolding Learning presents and discusses in detail ive broad areas that enable English learners to participate in high uality learning across the curriculum engaging deeply with intellectual contexts developing academic literacy employing reading strategies and improving comprehension gaining writing independence and learning content area genres using classroom talk to make sense of.

Read most of it or Title I meetings read enough to consider it done but didn t read the whole thing This is the textbook no one enjoys reading It s walls of margin to margin text with hardly any ormatting to break them up much less diagrams or illustrations to interrupt the monotony It s supposed to be about helping people learn to read better yet reaches back 30 years to pull up academic jargon that serves only to make this text harder to understand much less practically ap. For educators individually and collectively who aspire to implement a curriculum based on intellectual uality and who recognize the importance of infusing the teaching of academic literacy across the curriculum Pauline Gibbons book provides inspiration and guidance The wealth of classroom examples based on actual practice convincingly refutes the argument reflected in much current practice that EL and low income students are incapable of benefiting rom an intellectually challenging inuiry based curriculum Jim Cummins University of Toronto Deep understanding critical thinking subject knowledge and control of academic literacy are goals we have or all our students The challenge or teachers is to ind a way of teaching that helps everyone including English learners to reach these high expectations

N in seondary content areas Gibbons ties together language acuisition theory unctional grammar and evidence based strategies Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life for second language and literacy instruction She identifies several key components to uality content based unitsor language learners including experiential learning to build background knowledge vocabulary development oral language practice comprehension strategies and scaffolded writing Collaboration strategies are also embedded throughout each section. New concepts and as a bridge to writing Based on these areas she then presents guidelines on designing long term high uality instruction that simultaneously provides explicit scaffolding or English learners Gibbons makes these guidelines an instructional reality through dozens of examples of rich activities and tasks that can be used across the curriculum and that support the learning of all students English Learners Academic Literacy and Thinking supports teachers with doable plans or instruction reflection uestions 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate for individual or group study together and suggestionsor The Oxford New Greek Dictionary further reading The book is a valuable resourceor inservice training and college courses and provides an ideal basis or a schoolwide response to the growing challenges of raising the achievement of English language learners.

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