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As so catered to my experiences n the world as a Jewish lesbian to experiences like mine There were many themes n here I had felt for years but somehow had never consciously realized that of course other Jewish dykes exist And may feel the same way Things like How as a 3rd generation descendent of still living Holocaust survivors and as a Jewish woman the familial pressure to have children and provide another generation named after our ancestors s strong Or how as an Israeli born woman I feel distinctly judged for my short hair and lack of feminine presentation misgendered despite being uite obviously female Or ties between how as a Jewish woman and as a lesbian I am seen as pushy domineering Or how the word lesbit n Hebrew always felt dirty n my mouth feministit just awkward how our language Simon Spatz: From Holocaust to Halifax, A Story of Survival and Success is not built for us How Israeli and Jewish views of womanhood complicate my life That sense that how safe I feeln Jewish spacesin Israel as a Jew and how safe I feel A Life in Two Worlds in women s spacessurrounded by dykes as a lesbian have somethingn common And that often each space lacks what the other holds for meI knew these things I d thought about them I d talked about them Not always as Jewish experiences but just as my life Seeing them written articulated by other Jewish lesbians written The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance in this book published nearly a decade before I was even born something about that was really powerful to me This book gave me a lot of comfort and sense of belonging and context for understanding my own life putting things togethern a way that clicks for me And as an aside there was even a photograph of a Jewish lesbian The Doré Illustrated Balzac Droll Stories in this book who shares my name talk about representationThe only thought I haves that I would love to have seen a sabra sabrit Israeli dyke featured here Even an Americanizedexpat type but just someone with an Israeli family with those expectations with Hebrew that heavily gendered and religious language forming her reality I think that might have been harder to coordinate n the early 1980 s so t s not really a criticism but Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species if there were ever a second anthology I d really hope to see Israeli women talk about Israeli lesbian experiences too not just as fascinating and relevant to me as they were to me the experiences of American women who had livedn Israel One of the best books I have ever read If you want to learn about the History of Feminisms at a Millennium intersectionality I highly suggest this book It offers a wide variety of stories and personal anecdotes on the history ofntersectionality before ntersectionality was even a term a classic a must read for Jewish Lesbians and the people that love them This was great Good vintage Jewish lesbian read which sn t something I get to say often Definitely still timely not much I can say beyond that I just definitely appreciate Hter relationships new and updated material on Israel and new poetry and photographs.

Nice Jewish Girls A Lesbian Anthology Revised and Updated Edition (Kindle)

Though dated I absolutely loved this anthology I loved reading about the history of my community and being able to relate to so much of t A worthwhile read I read one of the earlier editions of this book from the 1970s It s an ncredible historical document and thrillingly Mj 12. Die Geheime Regierung includes fairly early work by writers like Adrienne Rich and Elana Dykewomon that would become even prominentn their circles over the coming generations In the early edition I read many of the contributors were Holocaust survivors or people whose families had Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel immigratedn the years Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon immediately preceding there are also some contributors from Arab countries whose families fledn the wake of anti Jewish measures their states enacted El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! in the wake of Israel s founding In addition there are a couple contributions from black Jewish women Because the volume I read was from the 1970sts politics concerning Israel have a markedly different tone which Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana is useful for me for context It s anncredible book that tries to do a lot of things with tself It doesn t cover all ground and many of ts contributors have been the subject of heated debate and scrutiny many for good reason but A Mistaken Match it wasmportant when Lodz it was written ands eually vital now Most of the IP stuff s very dated but still nteresting and worth reading The antisemitism and homophobia stuffis very good and definitely still relevant today Ire Nice Jewish Girls The Diminished is such anmportant read It s an anthology on various Jewish related subjects by Jewish lesbians containing essays poems stories and While this book was at times hard to read I am really happy that I didI loved the variety of media nvolved n this anthology Instead of t simply being a bunch of essays there were several poems a couple stories and even a recorded conversation and some excerpts from letters Also the essays weren t written n super academic language so they were not difficult to comprehend While some of the passages were pretty sad to be expected Claimed by a Cowboy it s about being a Jewish lesbiann the 80s and even earlier there were some that were empowering that really stuck with me Several lines even made me go ooh out loud which rarely happens My favorite passage was definitely Coffee and Cake I liked the alternative format as a story Discipline instead of an essay Also some of the lines were really powerful I was highlighting powerful uotes sporadically throughout the book but four of those alone are from this one story I love reading literature that leaves anmpact I have marked several pages to go back to and think about deeplyMy only critiue Claim the Night (The Claiming is the way age gapsn relationships were handled It almost brought my rating down to 4 stars Significant age gaps were discussed but I felt that they were not condemned at all For example one author n the book talks about how her 13 A stunning collection of angry bitter proud and joyful writing poetry stories histor.

Ear old lesbian daughter was nvolved with a 21 year old woman and the author only expressed being upset with her daughter being a lesbian and being rebellious as opposed to being Say Youll Remember Me in a relationship with someone literally almost twice as old as her Also I m not suref I Accidental Bodyguard interpreted this correctly but from my current understandingn a different area of the book an author mentions how she was nvolved with a teenager when she was presumably an adult The nonchalance about these significant age gaps doesn t sit well with me at all There s already pervasive stereotypes about gay people being pedophiles and t s very uncomfortable to realize that these stereotypes although taken to an extreme have at least somewhat of a basis Mehr als das in realityOverall my opinion of the book was very high Some passages really stuck with me and I found myself wanting to stop and annotate to really think about the text whichs something I had never experienced before I have some critiues but the good outweighed the bad I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about the experience of Jewish lesbians because this book opens a very honest open and needed dialogue I skipped the part on Israel Some really great essays pleased to announce that a good like nine months after The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, i 1 found this at the hyde park used book sale but didn t buyt because Abby and the Bachelor Cop i was just briefly stopping by not making my Big Haul Purchase 2 made two friends gay male allies one could say hidet for me so no one else would snag t n my absence 3 made a photo of me holding this book my twitter Accidentally Expecting icon after my sister took said photo at a dessert potluck my apartment hosted actually read this book t swhat you would expect of a jewish lesbian anthology from the eighties as specific as that might seem something close to but vastly different from a sort of jewish lesbian life now cute entertaining fascinating lives valuable as history not really as living guide the opinions of sraellevel of zionist commitment here were ratherunexpectedly positivehigh but that may just be 2017 speaking all the same the than once expressed opinion that one can t disentangle anti zionism and anti semitism was startling disappointing Herzrivalen i pin this on the majority perspective of ashkenazi jews with living experiences of the holocaust holocaust related trauma which somehow as a Dumb Millennial didn t realize an adult n the 1980s could havebeen n and survived a welcome attempt to attend to the experiences of non ashkenazi jews jews of color some embarrassing fiction some very embarrassing poetry even the Alaskan Nights irena klepfizs who read n a class once and seemed pretty good then one wishes the adrienne rich essay were accompanied by poetry et cetera I really really loved this book I loved the sense of being deep nto an anthology that Y analysis autobiography on Jewish lesbian dentity With a new section on motherdaug.

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