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Ry s name yet acting as she normally would Viola sends society on dge with her outrageous actions and sense of style Emotions and misunderstanding abound as plots are hatched to break her Cabaret engagement to Julian from all directions by both those who know her as Viola and wish her to marry others and those who think her to be Mary a girl with no money or social connections I think that this book is somewhere around 500 pages I read the E book so I m not certain so to be able to write downverything would be near impossible or at the very least xceedingly long I will say for as silly and naive as Viola is she really is very smart and uick witted Some of the humor in this book is smart humor some is stupid humor and a good portion is sarcastic or dry humor that you have to think about Every part that is written is important and adds to the story in someway so to skip a few pages would be disorienting The sex scenes aren t much to talk about but then again they are just a drop in the rest of the story I highly recommend this as a book to read and would give it a higher rating that 5 stars if I could It was ok It was pretty funny in fact But this is not like many historical romances it s like one particular historical play A Midsummer Night s Dream Not word for word or something but the tone the personalities of the characters straight from Shakespeare It was well done but it was also too redundant for me At first before I put verything together and realized what it was xactly that I was reading I thought can this be a parody and that was kind of annoying since I love historical romance This is probably just because of my state of mind at the time of reading though so that s just a personal sidenote I guess I didn t like the snottiness of the heroine one bit It was hard to njoy her brattiness It was hard to see past her Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice entitled attitude Lucy was a drab little character but I think I d havenjoyed it if the story revolved around her and Alex I think if I knew what I was reading before I began to read it it d be a five starred review from me Sometimes stories of a na ve spoiled overly confident in her beauty and intelligence country bumpkin that decides to travel to London to En plein coeur execute a half cocked plan that would prevent her from marrying the man her father had betrothed her only tond up in need of rescue immediately as she The Bookshop on the Shore end up in a brothel thinks is a boarding house work and sometimes they don t Only I don t think there sver been a brothel slash boarding house involvedThis one didn t work At least not for me I severely disliked Viola though Ms Lejeune probably wanted to ndear her to me She failed I guess she wanted her portrayed as a character with depth and onion like but I just didn t feel like seeing her like that She s shallow flying high on her importance spoi. R from a house of ill repute When Julian sees the alluring maid being sold like a slave he impulsively makes a bid to protect her honor Julian has no idea that the woman he saved is the one he's been hired to find But his honorable intentions take a scandalous turn as temptation leads to unrelenting pleasure.

I read this book specifically because I loved Tamara s Surrender to Sin Surrender was light and fun and absolutely hilarious I read Rules of Being a Mistress and ven though it was not as funny as Surrender is was The Art of Memoir entertaining But I had to force myself though this book I absolutely hated the main character Viola And the constant confusion was annoying than humorous I m really disappointed in the book I gave it two stars because there were a fewntertaining parts but not The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life enough that will make me want to read the book again unlike Surrender which I ve read at least half a dozen times This book was not the best However towards thend I kept reading for the sheer ridiculousness of the plot Some of the twists were pointless and unnecessary in my opinion the governess for xample I did have a problem with the main character For the most part spoiled heiresses can be good heroines Emma for instance is one of my favorites however the author did nothing to make me motionally involved with viola There was a moment that I felt I could maybe care but then she d say or do something completely idioticThat being said there were nough good points to the book that made me keep reading Also its still probably better than anything I could ver write Boy buys girl literally Boy bangs girl Girl falls in love with boy Boy and girl get PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition engaged Boy and girl break up and act like immature brats Girl runs away to country to screw upveryone Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography else s life Boy finds girl steals her dog and girl agrees to marry him The very worst of all romantic genre stereotypes in a 410 page nightmare This was a lovehate book Viola was a very frustrating character at times But I have to admit that her silliness was a little funny too Julian was really cute hero view spoilerI do think it was very callous for Viola to throw away Julian s ring just because it was anmerald That really turned me off to her characterAll the misunderstands were just over the top It was cute funny at first but then got really annoying when EVERYTHING was a misunderstanding All the way up to the very last pages hide spoiler I hate not finishing a book I always wonder to myself what The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, exactly did I miss I love reading I love romance novels But I am no martyr And I just couldn t finish this oneGuess how many times I find it cute for a partner to coerce their significant other into having sex which is AND I UOTE painfulThe answer is zero The first time I pushed through assuming it was necessary for the storyline and added something to character development The second time I said nah I m good The other reviews spoke of how annoying the heroine was No one mentioned her slightly rpey SO After getting about 61% through the book I decided myyes and iPad battery life deserved betterWriting is crap too Much too long atleast 10 chapters could. In polite society the rules forbid young ladies to pursue their own passions and pleasures But some rules are made to be brokenA Desperate CharadeTo scape an unwanted marriage Lady Viola Gambol flees to London and poses as a maid in a boarding house Little does she know that the boarding house is actually

Ve happily been thrown out with ENTIRELY unlikeable characters and a mishmash of plots which are hard to follow and altogether unnecessaryStupid stupid story This book is retarded The heroine is a ninny the hero is dim and I wont ven go into the sex scenes Bleh I say blehPS I may return to give a artful review but at the moment I m too annoyedPPS My co bloggger and the majority of Romance Review Land lurve this book So perhaps you ll like it too heck stranger things have happened lol I m surprised by how many people did not like this book Over all I found it to be very funny and witty with plenty of side stories and drama to add to the fun I started reading at 11PM and meant to just read a few chapters before going to sleep I nded up staying up until 4AM Oops Lady Viola has lived her life happily with out having ver stepped foot in London or coming out seemingly by choice She is the younger sister to a Duke and had certainly received than her portions of brains and whit That being said she is also a bit spoiled than a little stubborn and having never been out in society and their games a bit naive Aside from that Viola has taken charge over all the The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl estates affairs She chooses the Vicars the MP s for Parliament She writes speeches for them and sends her advice in thend you get the distinct feeling that she is very much like Mycroft Holmes only on a slightly Smaller levelJulian Devize is the second son of a Barron who has been disowned and become a walking scandal After selling out of the Army he refuses to follow his fathers wishes to go into the Church and instead looses all his money to a now called Stockbroker This Exile and Pilgrim event however sparks his interest in the stock market which in turn lead him to breaking the Childe bank The result most of London society hates him and the government watches him as a potential traitorUpon learning of herngagement on her twenty first birthday Lady Viola decides that she will do anything to scape her Vows Anything leads her to London Posing as Mary Andrews the daughter of the recently deceased Yorkshire Vicar Upon her arrival Viola is taken in by Mary s aunt who thinks that she is Mary and taken to a boarding house that her aunt runs It is not until over a week later that she discovers that her Aunt is auctioning her off to be some rich mans mistress and that the boarding house is really a house of ill reputeJulian meets Mary when he is fetching his brother from her aunts whore house Almost instantly he relies that Mary is a gently raised lady who has no idea that she is to be auctioned off in two days time Entering the auction himself under the pretense of representing Viola s brother he saves her from the auction block Julian takes her home with him A home that is over a PawnshopFrom here Hilarity nsures Viola is still going by Ma. Brothel until the owner auctions Viola off to the highest bidder Viola vows to fight off the auction's winner Julian Devize but her immense attraction to the scoundrel is making that very hard to doA Seductive EncounterJulian was hired to find missing heiress Viola Gambol but first he must rescue his brothe.

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