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Exodus and Emancipation: Biblical and African–American Slavery E–pub READ

Ical and modern commentaries to explore the social psychological religious and philosophical dimensions of the slave experience and mentality It draws on slave narratives published letters eyewitness accounts and recorded interviews with former slaves together with historical sociological economic and political analyses of this era The book explores the.

Five major needs of every long term victim and journeys through these five stages with the Israelite and the African American slaves on their historical path toward physical and psychological freedom This rich multi dimensional collage of parallel and contrasting experiences is designed to enrich readers’ understanding of the plight of these two grou.

Presenting a new perspective on the saga of the enslavement of the Jewish people and their departure from Egypt this study compares the Jewish experience with that of African American slaves in the United States as well as the latter group’s subseuent fight for dignity and euality This consideration dives deeply into the biblical narrative using class.

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