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What if NASA hadn t canceled the last two Apollo missions Here s a story of what might have happened if Apollo 19 had flown Astronauts Gary Lucas and Charlie Shepherd can t start their lunar module engine to leave the moon With their remaining air they embark on a long voyage to the lunar pole and make a stunning discovery This story is chockfull of familiar names from Apollo s heyday We now these menTheir presence brings an air of realism The discovery of the ultra futuristic space station at the lunar pole opens the door to staggering speculation Antediluvian society was very likely far advanced than today s Earth s inhabitants were just a few generations away from creation They lived for hundreds of years with intelligence not nearly as tainted by sin as today They could have accomplished far than we can imagine Everything was lost in the flood No wonder Noah became a drunkard Entertaining and thought provoking Although Ice gets off to a slow start it develops into a gripping story It presents an alternative history for the final Apollo moon flights Apollo 19 lands on the southern pole In the late 1960s NASA proposed hardware and mission parameters for an extended Apollo program that never materialized Decades later the existence of ice beds at the lunar south pole was discovered by NASA’s space probe Clementine and confirmed by the lunar satellite Lunar Prospector Now author and Apollo missions historian Shane Johnson explores the fantastic possibilities of what might have transpired had the ambitious version

E too Not recommended 35Weirdly enough I inda liked this book I ve read it twice and the weird time travel bit with bible connections was rather interesting in a Ha ha what Is this really happening way However there was no way this book was going to bring me to the light if that was the author s intent If you take it at face value it s a strange read but in a good way I look to be entertained by fiction not to be recruited I had no idea this was a Christian propaganda novel but will now be steering clear of Shane Johnson books I really liked it I found myself concerned about how Lucas s storyline was going to be explained but I appreciate the resolution to that and to the overall book I wanted to like it It did have a very interesting premise Astronauts are stranded on the moon and discover an ancient seemingly abandoned alien base It should have been a very interesting story I wanted mystery and technology and maybe even an introduction to a new species But it was really all about converting people to Christianity Great read Good compelling story This was another that I couldn t put dow. Ne bedrock the scientists back home had hoped for But when tragedy strikes the men are driven deeper into the lethal realm where they find much than they bargained for including a strange machine that seemingly transports Lucas back to a pre flood Earth and startling evidence that could transform mankind’s perspective on all creation and its Creator– if only the men could miraculously make their way back home to earth to reveal.

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F the moon to investigate a dark depression which never sees the sun The astronauts are hoping to collect evidence of the moon s origin but they find than they ever bargained for This is an amateurish collection of painful cliches It is a form of intellectual torture to try to read this book As a member of a genre not nown for brilliant writing this book has reached a new low Unbelievably excessive Christian religiosity heavy on interpersonal chit chat and disgustingly weak on the technical troubleshootingWasted sci fi plot potential drowned in religion So I picked this up somewhat randomly off the fiction shelves at the Seattle Public Library a few years back What a weird book It s like creationistfundamentalist Christian science fiction meets alternate history If you want to now what the people of the Good Book are reading for their science fiction this is probably a good example I dunno Spoiler alert The moral of the story is that ancient evil human like giants of the time of Noah were so wicked that God sent the Great Flood to smite them Oh and apparently they built a special moon bas. F the Apollo program gone forward as originally planned It is February 1975 Apollo 19 the last of the manned lunar missions has successfully landed Exhilarated and confident Commander Gary Lucas and Lunar Module pilot Charlie Shepherd set out to explore a vast mysterious depression at the lunar south poleThere in the icy darkness–where temperatures reach 334 degrees below zero–the astronauts search for the fragments of crystalli.

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IceHe has written several critically acclaimed and award winning books as well as reference books for the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises

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