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(The Lady Says No (Bartholomew, #2)) PDF/EBOOK í Rita Clay Estrada

No Was what Alicia Dumont should have said to Jace Bartholomew He wanted her to decorate the Bartholomew Building by day and to share his bed by night But Jace was not the kind of man Alicia

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Made him hotter than any woman ver had but sex wasn't love His bitter xperiences with women had taught him to steer clear Until he realized he was losing the one woman he wanted to say yes.

Anted he wasn't interested in a permanent relationship Lost in his mbrace however his passionate kisses had her whispering yes An affair with Alicia was all Jace plannedThe long legged blonde.

Rita Gallagher accepted the challenge While beginning to write they learned how to publish books and made great friendships with other writersRita's first attempt of publication was a long historical romance which was promptly rejected Her next manuscript a contemporary romance was like wise rejected But her third manuscript Wanderer's Dream was sold to Silhouette Books She used her maiden name Rita Clay for her titles for Silhouette In 1982 she moved to Dell to write for their Candlelight Ecstasy line and she wrote as

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