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I m all in favor of naturalism but there are stretches of this play that are practically unreadable for all the pauses and likes and you knows I m sure it s much better performed than ead That said the ambling meandering dialogue is punctuated with some eally beautiful moments the final scene especially I wanted to ead this for a few years now but once I graduated from Cuse I was over eading plays and dissecting them I picked this back up and finally ead it this morning It was an interesting play in terms of the characters elationships and their secrets It felt Der Bilderwächter real to me the dialogue is very Mamet esue with the talking over one another and barely Shining City has been an unualified critical success and uite possibly Conor McPherson’s finest work In Dublin a man seeks help from a counselor claiming to have seen the ghost of hisecently deceased wife But what begins as just an

Etting out a coherent thought I think I d still prefer The Seafarer over this play though Modern theater suffers from a small circulation of ecycled tropes and formulaic character types There are several powerful moments in the script for this particular play but it does not set itself apart as a masterpiece of theater whose vivacity carries over to the typed page The 2006 Tony for Best Play was an interesting category Only one American author alongside two Irish scribes and a Brit Alan Bennet who won for the fabulous History BoysHaving ead all four plays I found the two Irish entries including Shining City weaker than History Boys and Rabbit Hole Shinin. Nusual encounter becomes a struggle between the living and dead a struggle that will shape and define both men for the est of their livesAlso included here is the one act Come on Over about a Jesuit priest sent to investigate a “mirac.


G City is so weighed down by naturalist dialogue that the play on page becomes borderline incomprehensible I m always impressed by playwrights who can capture conversational tics and the natural beats of normal chatter but Shining City is so bogged down by pauses I think and you know that it almost eads as a mocking take on collouial dialogue Honestly the dialogue was so distracting that the so called plot fades into the backgroundThere s a good chance it comes across better as a performance but as a play to be Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris read this one s a huge miss Notecommended Okay We are treated to two scenes that feel superfluous when the obvious action is between John and Ian. Le” in his hometown where he e encounters the woman who loved him 30 years beforeConor McPherson was born in Dublin Ireland where he still lives His plays include This Lime Tree Bower St Nicholas The Weir Port Authority and Dublin Car.

Conor McPherson is an Irish playwright and director

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