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MmunicationThe author gives clue s into the essence of each personHighly recom. St time in our century the esoteric role of the physician in the drama of life and death Whimont provides a forum for one of the most neglected voices of Western Civilization that of disease revealing how it is our own abandoned and depreciated voice In challenging the myth of mechanical medicine he provides a clue as to how we might et heal ourselves and our plane.

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Ks of repressions and suppressions in ones life span causing constipation in co. Uantum physics and the Gaia Hypothesis Deftly exploring such subjects as Jungian synchronicity alchemy the I Ching and the Law of Similars he hints at the unknown principles fusing organism planet and cosmos and at a healing principle so profound it is written in both the stars and the sub molecular traces of moleculesIn this landmark work that addresses for the fir.

An esoteric outlook on psychological healing Jung called psychic infectionspea. In The Alchemy of Healing Dr Edward C Whitmont explores the major themes of illness health and the practice of medicine Uniuely ualified by his personal associations with such pioneers as Carl Jung M Esther Harding Karl Konig Elizabeth Wright Hubbard and GB Stearns Whitmont takes a daring plunge into the paradoxes of homeopathic medicine psychoanalytic transference.

The Alchemy of Healing Psyche and Soma E–pub READ

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