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Not to mention the fact that he seems to like Grace s mother better than he likes herAs for the mystery it s in the usual style of having the protagonist stumble around asking stupid uestions and suffering through numerous attempts on her life before she accidentally comes across a key piece of information and proceeds to challenge the killer without proper backup I find this a bit tiresome to be honest and frankly uite silly The point of making Grace a divorcee is probably to make her identifiable to modern audiences but then you turn around and have Grace act in a way that no self respecting person would In summary very unremarkable indeed I was really looking forward to this book The cover and the blurb had made it sound like a light hearted good time and I was really missing that from my cozy books However upon reading this story I found it to be a lot heavier in tone and mood than I initially thought I respected and to some degree tip my hat to the author for doing a cozy with such a well rounded story with much going on And there wasn t a whole bunch of silliness happening save for a few places But I don t know if it was my mood or what with this book It ust felt like such a heavy read throughout the majority of it to me And I don t think it helped too much that I barely got much of a sense of who the MC was at all I swear if it wasn t for her stopping back at her apartment to change I wouldn t even have had a clue as to what she looked like I also was rather annoyed with how it seemed like the MC was uber suspicious of her mom s best friend when the woman has known her ALL her life and had hardly even done anything to be suspicious of in the first place I also was rather annoyed a bit too about how said mom s friend s story about her lost husband seemed to be pushed to the way back burner of everything else I know it was said what happened to him and his friend was years ago But it was very primary to the main mystery and yet it was always be. Hairdresser Grace Terhune and her mother Violetta gussy up all the high society ladies attending the town meeting they find their snobbiest cl.

I grew to enjoy this book almost immediately and I wasn t sure of that when I began due to the beauty parlour theme The characters were instantly likeable and the mystery was complex than appeared at the beginning I was satisfied with the solution and now am awaiting the next book Much like the pilot episode of a television series Tressed to Kill is a good introduction to a promised series of cozy mysteries set around a southern beauty shop Grace Terhune makes for an interesting main character and all the ladies that work with her at her mother s beauty shop are good distinct characters However like a pilot episode I felt there was almost too much being introduced to the reader uirky locals dashing agents intrepid reporters and annoying ex husbands fought for space with the actual mysteries being solved A little editing might have added some needed spark to the book Still a good first book and I will probably read the second one due to the the believable and strong characterizations of the ladies of the beauty shop especially Grace Light and fun cozy mystery Likable characters It s sort of a Steel Magnolias mystery since it centers around a beauty shop 25 stars Tressed to Kill is a decent read but I found it largely unremarkable It s not bad but not amazing either You have your typical small town cast of characters with the hateful rich woman on the town council who gets offed and the nosy protagonist who s only nosing around to protect those she cares about of course even though the law enforcement people seem perfectly capable of investigating it by themselves It seems to be the current trend to give female amateur detectives a bit of a tough past as well broken marriage or relationship tragic past etc Grace Terhune falls into the first category with a real erk of an ex who shows up occasionally to rub her supposed unattractiveness in her face Special Agent Dillon is there to make her feel otherwise but he is unfortunately rather uninteresting. First in the brand new Southern Beauty Shop mystery series St Elizabeth Georgia offers charm Southern hospitality and most recently murder When.

(Tressed to Kill) PDF DOWNLOAD Ç Lila Dare

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Ing kicked to the curb So in saying all that I don t think I ll be continuing this seriesBut I will rec it to those that love a good mystery set in the south A beauty shop mystery with organic skin care recipes in the back of the book A local lady with lots of influence is murdered and there are many people who would love to have seen her dead So who was brave enough to commit the murder This was a truly fun southern cozy mystery with a great cast of entertaining characters I thought it was well written and uite hilarious at times it was a good fast read I look forward to reading of this series It was a good storyThe gist of the story was a killing of a prominent citizen in St Elizabeth GeorgiaVioletta Terhune is the owner of Violetta s Beauty Salon She has some trouble with Constance Du Bois and Constance gets stabbed to death So people think that Violetta killed Connie Violetta s daughter Grace knows the truth and sets out to find who did the stabbingThis story was very well written and has many troubles and problems for Grace to solve before the murderer is found Both ladies go through a series of mishaps staged to look like they are the murdererThe book is well worth the time to read and find out how to live in a small southern town all With all the recent new cozy series it s been interesting weeding out the good ones from the bad onesthis is definitely one of the good ones I enjoy series set in the South but was a bit hesitant with this one since it s billed as the Southern Beauty Shop series I thought that might detract from the mystery Wrong Violetta s served as a great back drop and the main characters were all instantly likeable The mystery kept me guessing for awhile and it ended up having a couple of layers to it Excellent first outing Ms Dare I ll be waiting for the next one And the gravediggers read Barry Eisler books This was actually a lot of fun Ingenious way to get around things and I love how everything fit together in the end. Ient dead The police believe the mother daughter duo did her in But before things get snarled beyond repair Grace sets out to clear their names.

Author of the Southern Beauty Shop mysteries Lila Dare was born in Georgia and has lived in Alabama Mississippi and Virginia Although she has never worked in a beauty shop she freuents salons and likes to tell her stylist “Surprise me” Maybe that’s why she looks nervous in her photo She currently lives west of the Mississippi with her husband two daughters and dog and misses Southern co

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