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Mages of nudity held in grace We should view these images without the immorality of prudery Ionesco herself reminds us in the book's Historical Background The photos could also be controversial However it is only a uestion of one's point of viewThe liberty I took in baring her was innocentIn my gaze the greatest love of all took place Weaving threads of baroue orientalism gothic eroticism and surrealist fantasy these mysterious photographs bear witness to a passionate love a dark love as Ovendendescribes it between Irina lonesco and her remarkable daughter Eva lonesco.

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E Eva Eloge de ma Fille gathers over 130 photographs into the most definitive collection of Eva photographs ever published With all Irina lonesco's earlier monographs now out of print and collectors' items this new title by Alice Press is destined to become a classic Never before in the history of photography has an artist of this magnitude photographed her child to such stunning effect In the foreword historian of photography Graham Ovenden urges that there should be no negative moral judgements towards photographs such as these for these are photographs which show

With her singular talent and unmistakable eye Irina lonesco is the grande dame of French erotic photography With over 12 books and countless international exhibitions to her credit Irina lonesco's photographs of her oung daughter Eva have been widely acclaimed since the 1970's Honoring lonesco as Woman of the Year for Photography Year 1977 Time Life Books featured three of her extraordinary Eva photos adulating how Sin and innocence forbidden pleasures and the mortality of the flesh are conjured up in the haunting images of Irina lonescoHers is a theatre of the Barou.

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