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In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in organic and biodynamic produce Although once considered marginal and alternative rowing concerns about the environment health food uality and animal welfare have brought organic and biodynamic agriculture into mainstream consciousnessBiodynamic agriculture is a uniue development of the organic approach that does not focus only on agricultural techniues It was conceived as a whole new approach and way of thinking about farming nutrition and the world of nature allowing revitalized relationships with the living so.

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Pdf New Cosmos, Earth, and Nutrition: The Biodynamic Approach to Agriculture

C concepts and practiceCosmos Earth and Nutritionhas much to offer for the beginner as well as for those already involved with biodynamics Its broad range of topics include the ecology of the farm organism; food uality and nutrition; community supported agriculture CSA; planetary influences; seed uality; and the vitality of water all contributing to a deeper understanding of the subject The author is also concerned with promoting innovation so that biodynamics moves forwardwith the times An appendix includes details for contacting various elements of the biodynamic world.

Il the elemental world and the cosmos Originating from a series of eight lectures by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 biodynamic methods broaden the outlook of agriculture and the science behind it leading to a holistic perspective that incorporates astronomical rhythms and uniue preparations for plants and earthRichard Thornton Smith describes the foundations on which biodynamics as well as the eneral organic movement is based He builds bridges between mainstream science and Steiner's insights making it easier for the broader organic and ecological movement to approach biodynami.

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