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(The Blessing Next to the Wound) E–pub ñ Hector Aristizabal

Y friend and colleague Hector who in real Channeled his desire for revenge into nonviolent activism both in his homeland and during decades of exile in the United StatesWhile challenging the State sponsored causes of much suffering in the world Hector reached out to some of society's most marginalized at risk and incarcerated youth immigrants and many others using his theatrical skills and sychotherapeutic training to help eople shape their own stories and identities He sought to understand his own identity as well as that of one bro.

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Ife is a loving vibrant warm charismatic hu. Ther who was a revolutionary and another who was gay and how his belief in ersonal integrity and Learner Strategies in Language Learning political freedom might suare with the realities of a country under the yoke of toxic ideologies Hector was forced finally to examine his own motivations and commitments and begin to heal his own gaping woundsShockingly honest heartbreaking and vibrantly told The Blessing Next to the Wound is aassionate and evocative memoir that amid enormous suffering and loss is a full throated affirmation of li.

A very honest candid self examination by Hector Aristizbal grew up in the barrios of Medellin Colombia where he and his siblings had to use all their wit wiles and wherewithal to survive Dangerously Placed poverty the everresent allure of cheap drugs and very dangerous money and the endemic violence from leftwing guerrillas rightwing death suads cocaine cartels and the armed Just Destiny power of the State As a young actor andsychology student Hector was seized by the military held in secret and tortured He survived and went on to find meaning in his ordeal as he.

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