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D maintenance of a healthy body are in line with his theories and suggestions I feel that Butler has all aspects of optimum wellness covered in this book and I encourage others to consider reading what he has to say Buttar s book is a good introduction to general alternative health and wellness For someone new to natural health this book does a pretty good job of covering most of the bases However in the early chapters Buttar hypes it up like it s going to be something revolutionary I would definitely say it does not live up to such a high expectation Buttar presents a well rounded approach to health and wellness addressing detoxification diet exercise hormones emotional and spiritual health and In general his steps are approachable and not overwhelming Most people who genuinely want to change their habits could implement these steps without too much difficulty as opposed to some dietwellness plans that are so extreme that no one with an actual life could manage itOn the downsidemuch of the content of this book felt a little half baked to me Buttar gives great ideas for making positive changes but lacks the how to Perhaps much of that info is in the bonus material but I would have appreciated seeing of that included in the actual text and less time spent hyping repeating himself etc I also did not find much new information here If you are familiar with Dr Mercola Jordan Rubin or others with similar approaches most of the information in Buttar s book will not be new to you The biggest disappointment for me was the chapter on human growth hormone While Buttar acknowledges the benefits of increasing HGH levels he spends the entire chapter promoting a supplement he developed I don t doubt his sincerity or the efficacy of the product but I would have like to see him spend time addressing natural and FREE ways to increase HGH such as intermittent fasting uality sleep and exerciseFinal word if you are new to natural health and wellness this is a solid introduction But if you ve been around for a while it s probably not worth your time and money. Ss all aspects of health including the importance of laughter and meditation to our bodi.

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PDF KINDLE The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away Í Rashid Buttar

A novel way to take control of your healthA novel way to take control of your health built on the foundations of toxicity immune modulation and hormonal optimization Clearly written with many case examples As a Christian I disagree with Dr Buttar s philosophical view that all the names for God refer to the same God but his overall medical philosophy though contrary to modern medicine is sound I highly recommend this book and look forward to exploring the numerous online resources he has made available to owners of the book Seems normal enough until you go to his website Excellent Important to read for all of us especially parents He s covered the entire spectrum of health within this book This book i would consider a Stepping stone to help us see what happens in reality so that we can make informed choices for ourselves and our family This is a fraudThis doctor has interesting ideas about Covid19 Coronavirus is a chimeric means gain a function research version developed in 2015 and published in Nature despite a moratorium They inserted HIV and MERS on top Fauci broke the law He said in 2017 there would be a pandemic how did he now There s cumplicity in what s going on now This is a fraud false positives same person dying multiple times etc An agenda of fear has been pushed Nobody demonstrated yet a single death from the virusHow right is he Was the coronavirus created by man or did it evolve naturallyI will not wear a damn mask in The steps in Dr Buttar s book allowed me to completely eliminate what I perceived to be natural seasonal allergies I would be doomed to dealing my entire life I was able to achieve this without a single prescription of any ind And that is the thesis of this book These steps are the true basis of health and having put them into practice the results as mentioned speak for themselvesSome reviewers mention Buttar seems to be bragging too much I didn t get that at all while reading but even if he is it doesn t make the tips any less valuable so I highly recommend the book and following them anyway Importance. Drawing from 25 years of experience in alternative therapies Dr Rashid Buttar presents

Of detoxification no matter what disease we are dilling with One of the best books in medical field and easy to understand Hope Dr Buttar will write books with some general detoxifying protocolsGod bless you It s hard for me to read this book as it takes a long time for the author to get to the point He also has a overly high opinion of himself which I am not comfortable with I am wondering if it is another book that may be better in pamphlet form I ve decided to put the book down and not finish it I am generally very generous with my ratings so it was difficult to give this one 2 stars What a narcissistic blowhard of an author I couldn t take it Our bodies have been constructed in a way to exude optimum health physically mentally emotionally and spiritually at all times It s when we waver off in some other direction adding unhealthy substances into our body having a negative mind set and accepting that our bodies appear old because of our age is when our bodies break down According to Dr Rashid A Butler anyone and any condition can be healed as long as you re willing to take the road less traveledSo what is the road less traveled First of all Butler encourages us to re examine what so called experts are saying We often instill in our own minds because someone deems themselves as in expert in a particular field he or she nows everything Butler claims this is not so and to be wary of all information making sure to investigate all information givenButler advocates detoxification of the body and to eliminate any issue causing substances from ingestion He feels this first step will clear and make way for rejuvenation and restoration of the body to its natural healthy state He feels that the immune system must be in optimal working condition to maintain a balance He further addresses the importance of nutrition supplements water exercise relaxation meditation and laughter Combining all aspects of health generating modalities sustains optimum healthPersonally I m on the same page as Dr Rashid A Butler My own experiences of detoxification an. Is proven plan for achieving health and wellness The health strategies presented encompa.

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