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This is a very sweet story about four young women who became like sisters as they supported each other while going through the emotions of dealing with and surviving cancer Now years later they continue to encourage each other The relationships between the girls seem very genuine and real and I enjoyed it very much It is not a depressing book at all actually uite uplifting The idea of writing it as a journal that is written mainly by Marilee but sometimes gets assed to the others works extremely well I hope to follow the story of The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches by reading the other books in the series Awww I remember this one Ok to be erfectly honest all Love Inspired novels are kinda cheesey but they are good to help you relax and they are uite humerous at times And sometimes the author does make you think Great mini series and espec. My three friends and I met as teens living with cancer and started The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches knitting group Five cancer free years later we were still meeting weekly To celebrate we eac.

Ially oignant for anyone who s been toughed by cancer Also will be appreciated by fans of knitting This book was a Pure Chance pleasant surprise I like to find books that involve knitting since I am a knitter This one actually did not have much to do about knitting but the characterization was good and I found it thoughtrovoking from a Christian standpoint This is a story about a group of girls all diagnosed with cancer as teenagers who started a knitting club They used this time not only to knit but to fellowship and help one another through the hard times as well It is inspiration than romance but romance is indeed found as each girl works toward different goals a sweet story Allowed me to focus on something other than my Mum She was in hospital at the time I read this I enjoyed this book the first in a series It s a ChristianInspirational book abou. H set a goal for the year Lizabett dreamed of being a dancer Becca needed an internship Carly wanted her first et and I Marilee Davidson challenged myself to go on three dates That was easier said.

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T a group of young women who banded together to get them through their cancer treatments Similar to Brashare s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants the story s taken up by each member of the sisterhood as they add their comments to a book It s nice that the story deals realistically with the troubles in their lives revealing their history fears and hopes for the future I read the 3rd book first and this is the 1st bookI was not going to read of these but I m waiting for the first Dry Creek series books to come from my PaperbackswapI don t enjoy one sided books as much but I really did enjoy this book and the other one Maybe I will get the rest of this series as well to readRead my final review under A Dropped Stitches Wedding a great story of hope and inspirationnot so lite but a uick and easy read Okay too much religion but a cute uartet of book. Than done I hadn't let any man get close to me since my diagnosis But with the help of my friends I ut myself out thereĀ…and learned that sometimes love can be found in the most unexpected of lace.

Janet grew up in the wide open spaces of rural Montana and now lives in the urban spaces of Pasadena California She's used both of these locations in her books Her Dry Creek Montana series numbers over twenty novels now and her Pasadena books The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches number four

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