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Versations between Rockefeller J Edgar Hoover where Nelson Rockefeller asks Are we going to have any problems And he said No we aren t going to have any problems I checked with Dulles If they do their job we ll do our job There are a whole bunch of tapes because Hoover didn t realize that his phone has been tapped Defrauding America Rodney Stich 3rd dition p 638 639 In his oral history Robert Kennedy bitterly recounted a remark that Johnson supposedly made to someone lse after the assassination When I was young in Texas I used to know a cross yed boy Johnson said His Humanism eyes were crossed and so was his character That was God s retribution for people who were bad and you should be careful of crossyed people because God put his mark on them Sometimes I think that what happened to Kennedy may have been divine retribution JFK himself had slightly crossed Smokin' Hot eyesLeo Janos LBJ speechwriter Church Committee interview by Rhett Dawson Oct 14 1975 also Gus Russo Live by the Sword p 377Kennedy s close and trusted personal secretary for 12 years was Evelyn Lincoln Here is a report about the Johnson blackmailEvelyn Lincoln JFK s secretary reports that Johnson with J Edgar Hoover s dark help got on the 1960 Democratic ticket by using BLACKMAIL on the Kennedys During the 1960 campaign according to Mrs Lincoln Kennedy discovered how vulnerable his womanizing had made him Sexual blackmail she said had long been part of Lyndon Johnson s modus operandi abetted by Edgar J Edgar Hoover Lincoln said gave Johnson the information about various congressmen and senators so that Johnson could go to X senator and say How about this little deal you have with this woman and so forth That s how he kept them in line He used his IOUs with them as what he hoped was his road to the presidency He had this trivia to use because he had Hoover in his corner And he thought that the members of Congress would go out there and put him over at the Convention But then Kennedy beat him at the Convention And well after that Hoover and Johnson and their group were able to push Johnson on KennedyLBJ said Lincoln had been using all the information Hoover could find on Kennedy during the campaignven before the Convention And Hoover was in on the pressure on Kennedy at the Convention Summers Official and Confidential p 272According to Lincoln Kennedy had definite plans to drop Johnson for the Vice Presidency in 1964 and replace him with Governor Terry Sanford of North Carolina In 1964 new President Lyndon Johnson gave FBI director J Edgar Hoover a lifetime waiver from the mandatory retirement age of 70 that Hoover would hit on 1165 In other words Hoover could live to age 120 and still be head of the FBI In my opinion both LBJ and Hoover were conspirators along with the CIA in the JFK assassination LBJ s and Hoover s jobs were to cover up the murder I am definitely not a conspiracy theoristjust someone who likes to see things from all sides before making decisions I do however think that Lee Harvey was not the assassin of President Kennedy and he certainly did not kill the police officer a short time later Involvedprobably but the killerno One thing is certain thoughLBJ was a bastard with a God Complex which was Placing Memory evident invery aspect of his life and not just in terms of the assassination I wasn t ven thought of in 1963 parents were in high school but most decent people would consider him making Jackie Kennedy stand beside him in her blood soaked clothes to get a photo op is truly certifiableespecially since the rules of succession are automatic in the constitutionduhthe minute he died you became president and a swearing in at this point is just ceremonial These are just my thoughts after reading this monster book Based on being a human not anything due to political viewsforgot one last thingthe possibility that LBJ had a hand in his unconventional sister dying is almost frightening than having the leader of the free world murdered so he can achieve his life long dream of being President because he couldn t get there otherwise Just something lse to think about A truly nlightening critiue of Johnson I am now convinced that he planned and carried out JFK s assassinationThis book has convincing reasoning as to LBJ s ability to plan and carry out the assassination I never realized how truly sick and vil he wa. The period of his vice presidency as he planned his ascension to the presidency purposely undermining Kennedy's domestic and foreign policy initiatives for the purpose of cleverly saving them for his own legacy His active involvement with JFK's assassination will be conclusively shown including photographic Wanton Nights evidence that he knew in advance when and where it would happen The stunning conclusion of this book is that Lyndon Johnson began planning his takeover the fulfillment of his life time dreamsven before being named as the vice presidential nominee in 1960.

PDF/EBOOK LBJ Author Phillip F. Nelson ☆ Phillip F. Nelson

This book is an amazing biography of LBJ While My Soldier Serves essentially Anyone who thinks Trump is the worst really owes it to themselves to pick up probably any book about LBJ That man was truly a monster but he makes for some marvelous reading All in all I ve read uite a few of these JFK assassination books by now and this is undoubtedly one of the better ones Much betterven than some of most popular ones This is perhaps the most convincing JFK assassination theory I ve read to date So many loose nds are tied up in this book and are congruent with other books I ve read by different authors focusing on different areas of the case I d never much considered LBJ I figured he had a prior knowledge to the plan but it didn t occur to me he might have choreographed the scene and if not put it tog Lyndon Johnson makes Donald Trump look like a saint Bill Sol Estes a business partner of Johnson went to jail for a variety of crimes he committed that Johnson facilitated through lobbying with government agencies when he got out of prison in 1978 he was asked how many people Lyndon Johnson was involved with murdering and he wrote down ight names including John F Kennedy and then said that he knew there were at least that many murders but he did not know the names of the people murdered Incredible amount of research plus hundreds or thousands of others that have researched this realm are cited The front sleeve displays a review of this book by James Fetzer author of Murder in Dealey Plaza his simple summation is A masterpiece Beautifully written I go along with thatIt must be hard to find two xtreme contrasting views of the same person as this book and Randall Woods LBJ Architect of American Ambition which I read recentlyPhillip F Nelson has graduated from the Assassination critics University with a two one with honoursAlthough this work covers over six hundred pages the author has studied a vast amount of the publications of the past forty years that uestion against the lone nut hogwash Nelson is no investigative pioneer like Twyman Lifton Marrs Hancock tc Rather he stands on the backs of these giants There are some one hundred and seventy books listed in the Bibliography and he refers to most of these past publications as well as internet websites and YouTube to produce this Encyclopaedia Dealeyplaza For readers coming late to the party many of the The Fiend Next Door early publications are somewhat difficult orxpensive to get hold of Twyman s Bloody Treason comes in at 160 for a used hardcover copy Davy s Let Justice Be Done can be obtained in used paperback for just over 50 and Thompson s Six Seconds in Dallas around 40 Although not possible to adeuately cover all the angles of this crime of the century in a volume twice the size of this one LBJ is a very comprehensive and readable tomeThe premise is that polecat Lyndon was a paranoid bipolar antisocial personality Guilty of lection fraud involved since arly 1950 s in murders including his own sister Infatuated with becoming president he was the principal controller of the coup d பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் etat in 63 recruiting Kennedy haters such as Hoover at the FBI DullesAngleton EHoward Hunt among other roguelements in the CIA factions of the Military chiefs and Mafia to the Big Event in Dallas Future presidents who knew of this coup were Nixon and Ford The cover up and the social damage continues todayAddendum I do not believe that LBJ was the architect or mastermind of the JFK killing I do however lean toward LBJ having prior knowledge of the The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 events in Dallas and certainly taking part in the cover up after becoming presidentThere is no doubt that he was a nasty piece of work and guilty of being a party to the many murders that are documented in this book I do not believe in the Murchison party and I am sceptical of the assassination involvement of Mac Wallace that is written about in Texas in the Morning by Madeleine Brown This book was a VERY comprehensive account of the Kennedy assassination and the role that Lyndon Johnson played in organizing it and covering it up It was a VERY long book almost 800 pages filled with names dates conspiracies and details regarding the Crime of the Century Excellent book though a bit tedious to read in places The author leaves the reader with no doubt about the fact that LJB though he had help from several other sources was the. Lyndon B Johnson's flawed personality and character traits were formed when he was a child and through his primarynablers his mother and his wife grew unchecked for the rest of his life as he suffered severe bouts of manic depressive illness The people manipulation skills he learned at his father's side and had perfected by the time he graduated from college became the currency he used to barter steal and finesse his way through the corridors of power on Capitol Hill These skills combined with his overpowering manic personality amoral instincts and thirst

Mastermind of the crime One of the bestThere are many A Meditation on Murder excellent publications of the coup dtat This is one of the best particularly at describing the notions motives and acts of LBJ One has to worry that it is frightfully asy for truly wicked people to harm the nation while seeking power and glory Excellent analysis of the JFK assassination material The premise that LBJ was the mastermind has meritbased on the uestionsWho had the most to gainWho had the least to loseWho had the means to do it Who controlled the apparatus to cover it up and perhaps most significantly Who had the kind of narcissisticpsychoticsociopathicmendacious personality capable of rationalizing the action as acceptable and necessary as a means to the ultimate nd as well as the resolve and determination to see it throughThere is much support for the idea that J Edgar Hoover facing being fired by JFK LBJ s neighbor and close friend for 20 years at the time was a key player in the planning and concealing of the assassinationNelson works from the now famous Sherlock Holmes methodWhen you have Travis excluded the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the truthHaving after over 50 years of study comes to the conclusion that LBJ is the man he uses his book toxamine LBJ s life in the context of all the credible analysis of the assassination that s been done in recent years Also His case is backed up by Barr McClellan s 2003 perspective as a lawyer in Johnson s key lawyer s firm having been told much that was protected by laawyerclient privilege His book Blood Money Power How LBJ Killed JFK is a chilling read though not as comprehensive as Nelson s critically important volume Though there was much to push minds towards LBJ in the arly days after the assassinatiion NOBODY wanted to imagine that such a thing was possible in their America Lyndon Johnson was at the picenter of the JFK assassinationBuy this book immediately It is game changer and one of the best books AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 ever written on the JFK assassination The weight of thevidence suggests that Lyndon Johnson and his Texas oil men used their CIAmilitary contacts to murder JFK with LBJ and his very close friend J Edgar Hoover FBI to cover it up Allen Dulles CIA another The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? enemy of Kennedy s was brought in to controll and manipulate the Warren Commission farceThere is a lot of blockbuster material on the JFK assassination aka the 1963 Coup d Etat in Nelson s opus Get it and recommend it to your friendsMadeleine Duncan Brown was the most beloved mistress of Lyndon Johnson for 21 years from 1948 until 1969 Madeleine is one of the truth tellers and keys to understanding the ugly reality of the JFK assassination She had a son Steven Mark with Lyndon in 1950 Madeleine lived from 1925 to 2002 and was madly in love with Lyndon Johnson when she wrote the book Texas in the Morning 24 years after the death of LBJ She makes some BLOCKBUSTER revelations in this book such asIn the night of 123163 morning of January 1 1964 just 6 weeks after the JFK assassination Madeleine asked Lyndon JohnsonLyndon you know that a lot of people believe you had something to do with President Kennedy s assassinationHe shot up out of bed and began pacing and waving his arms screaming like a madman I was scaredThat s bull Madeleine Brown he yelled Don t tell me you believe that Of course not I answered meekly trying to cool his temperIt was Texas oil and those %% renegade intelligence bastards in Washington said Lyndon Johnson the new president Texas in the Morning p 189From Defrauding America Rodney Stich 3rddition 1998 p 638 639The Role of deep cover CIA officer Trenton Parker has been described in arlier pages and his function in the CIA s counter intelligence unit Pegasus Parker had stated to me arlier that a CIA faction was responsible for the murder of JFK During an August 21 1993 conversation in response to my uestions Parker said that his Pegasus group had tape recordings of plans to assassinate Kennedy I asked him What group were these tapes identifying Parker replied Rockefeller Allen Dulles Johnson of Texas George Bush and J Edgar Hoover I asked What was the nature of the conversation on these tapesI don t have the tapes now because all the tape recordings were turned over to Congressman Larry McDonald But I listened to the tape recordings and there were con. Or power allowed him to prosper both financially and politically during his years in Congress Neither his family nor his The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online employees aides associates and cabinet officials wouldver confront him on any issue for which he had made up his mind including the Vietnam War Unfortunately his darker side included a lifetime struggle with bipolar manic depressive disorder which he successfully hid from the public though not all of his aides It is the premise of this book that Lyndon Johnson suffered recurrent and progressively stronger bouts of mental collapses during.

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Phillip Nelson grew up in Indiana and studied at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater Campus and served in the Peace Corps in Brazil during 1969 70 He began researching the JFK assassination intensely in 2003 and published his first book LBJ The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination in 2010 This was followed by LBJ From Mastermind to Colossus in 2014

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