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Romia Smith is a misunderstood cop Tall beautiful and ethal her martial arts skills are off the board During an after hours gathering with her fellow Mesagerul law enforcement officers she is accosted by a stranger who within moments ends up dead apparently shot with her service revolver Romia has an alibi but it s one that isess believable tha. What should have been a normal day for Romia Smith turned into a Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens life changing chain of events She was a high heeledeather wearing skilled in the martial arts and motorcycle riding bad to the bone chick The symbol.

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EBOOK FREE Swerve author Michelle McGriff

Ng Romia becomes the target in a deadly chase to the top of the Phoenix s nest It will take everything she ever knew to find out what everyone thinks she already knows Au THIS IS A GOOD BOOK IT KEEPS U WANTING MORE KINDA CONFUSING CAN T WAIT TIL THE NEXT INSTALLMENT COMES OUT Fast moving mystery crime drama I need to read by Ms McGriff. Lace Romia was not sure about what was real and what was a ie Her instincts told her to trust no one Will her ife ever be normal again Or would she rise up out of the ashes What Am I Doing with My Life?: And other late night internet searches answered by the great philosophers like a Phoenix into a new and excitingi.

N the Jimmy: The Terrorist lie she s being framed with murder In her uest to prove her innocence Romia finds herself stepping further and further out ofine with the aw and into a world she never would have believe existed into a past she didn t know she had The Phoenix is a secret agency consisting of international spies working both sides of right and wro. Of the Phoenix she has everywhere represents than her strength On that day someone frames her for the death of a man she does not even know and the worst part isshe is a cop However as the pieces began to fall into

Michelle McGriff is the Literary World’s best kept secret Writing many titillating and entertaining novels and stimulating non fiction pieces Michelle McGriff made her way gracefully onto the Black Expressions best sellers list in 2005 and uietly into the hearts of readers who enjoy her prolific mixed genre writing style Talented and deeply appreciative of her gift of storytelling Michelle

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