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G and debating Not to mention the emotional aftermath of feeling ike a worthless human being Elgin provided me with an excellent selection of new verbal strategies While it wou Though this is the 8th book in the Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense series the author states it is the one she would have written first if she d known how to write it when she started the series I think it is a very good introduction to the concept and ays a good foundation for the study of verbal self defense Of course it is different dealing with a sociopath Verbal abuse Skimmed this not what I was ooking for at the moment I think I would have gotten out of it if there had been examples of the situations where snarky comments occur It was still interesting A familiar study on how to use anguage effectively and with awareness while avoiding hurtful speec. Ns of verbalabuse Specific anguage techniues that enable you to avoid escalatingarguments and break the cycle of abuse using skills you alreadypossess uestionnaires and diaries that help you analyze abusivesituations evaluate your responses to them and track yourprogress In this book Dr Elgin proves that verbal abuse is not caused byhuman nature but by anguage She helps you discover that you arean expert in your own anguage already highly ualified to solvethis problem for yourself uickly and foreve.

I found this book helpful and used a One Ticket To Texas lot of her suggestions I took her information and techniues and applied them to my situations This book does not use subtle verbal abuse as examples The verbal abuse examples are very overt In my situation I face subtle verbal abuse and I found that the techniues worked especially the Baroue Boring Response BBR This has worked well with people in my family of origin who verbally abuse in group situations but their words don t seem abusive Further she breaks aot of myths our there around what we think of verbal abuse and for this I am so grateful in having read this Great book to make you think about how men and women talk to each other and the damage it does to anyone who is Helpmate listening Her book is not about abusive people It is about all of us who might be unaware of the ways in which our remarks af. You can't say that to me Can't you do anything right I can'tbelieve you would feed that junk to your child What is this Anddon't tell me it's a casserole I already know that If youreally cared about me you wouldn't behave this way Soundfamiliar Each of us occasionally feels the sting of veryunpleasantanguage from those who are closest to us spouses employers friends relatives But freuent and repeated use ofunanswerable uestions scalding accusations sarcasm insinuations and even icy silence is than

Fect othersIf there are children in your house you should read this book It will change the way you talk Relevant and painful read to be re visited Elgin s book brought tears to my eyes as I recognized myself in the examples provided in her book What I iked best about this book is that I began to see that my relationship with my former husband was not my only instance of horrific verbal abuse It forced me to admit to myself that all of my intimate relationships with men have been verbally abusive and I came to recognize that verbal violence was a part of my regular communication with my siblings and my mother What could this mean I began to see that I was in fact the common denominator This is not to say that I deserve verbal abuse or that it is my fault The only coping skills I knew were to fall into my verbal abusers traps by pleadin. Imply unpleasant;it is abusive destructive and freuently eads to escalatingarguments and physical violence Suzette Haden Elgin creator ofthe Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense has developed a uniue andrevolutionary way to break the cycle of verbal violence andeliminate it from your ife without ruining your marriage riskingyour job or alienating friends or oved ones Dr Elgin shows youhow to neutralize verbal attacks and discourage future abusewith An 8 step program that helps you recognize the patter.

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PDF FREE You Can't Say That to Me: Stopping the Pain of Verbal Abuse –– An 8–Step Program ½ Suzette Haden Elgin

Suzette Haden Elgin was an American science fiction author She founded the Science Fiction Poetry Association and is considered an important figure in the field of science fiction constructed languages Elgin was also a linguist; she published non fiction of which the best known is the Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense seriesBorn in 1936 in Missouri Elgin attended the University of California

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