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Taking care of a pet such as a hen and what to expect Although it did not allow readers to see the full affect of caring for a petit was of an effort is needed to care for pets the book shows that Daniel has went through with asking his parent for permission to get a pet and learning to feed itI was split on whether or not I liked the book because it seemed like it could have been a bit structured than it originally was The pictures are great for the story but I also feel that the story could have went on for a few pages I like it very great Daniel holded a baby chick and he hold it and it was soft and it was a chick Daniel asked his mom if he could have it and his mom said es and he said he would name it Jen Daniel fed Jen and fed all the other chicks Daniel fed Jen every day and Jen got very big And then one day Daniel couldn t find Jen and he called Jen Jen Jen Jen is here said Mama Look at her eggs Now I will have lots of pets said Daniel I liked this book because there was a baby chick in it Cute story about a boy with a pet chick who grows up to be a hen and has chicks Very short and simple with activities at the end The book was great and cut. Heartwarming story about Daniel and his newest animal frien.

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Includes reading levels based on age grade guided reading level letters and reading recovery level a number Ada Alma Flor Daniel s Pet Illustrated by G Brian Karas Harcourt Inc 2003 EARLY READER BOOK This is a bi lingual early reader There is very little text in the first half of the book In the second half are some Think About It uestions and a simple craft activity It is about a boy named Daniel who keeps a small chick as a pet that grows up and lays eggs The value of this book is that it is bi lingual The art is simple and engaging EL K 1 OPTIONAL Reviewed by Susan Huff Area Library Media Specialist The saving grace for this book was the activity in the back This book follows the little boy Daniel as he gets his first pet His mother allows him to keep the pet on the farm that they live on Daniel takes care of his pet which is a hen While feeding the animals on the farm one day Daniel notices that his hen is not there to eat with the other hens and finds her in the barn laying chick eggs In the end Daniel and his mom are happy that they have chicks to take care ofI feel that Daniel s Pet covers a really short topic that gives children the insight of. Es a surpise Alma Flor Ada and G Brian Karas team up for

IN this book Daniel found a chick Daniel asked his Mom if he could have the chick for his pet He fed his chick until his chick grew into a big chicken One day Daniel couldn t find his big chicken The chicken s name was Jen Daniel couldn t find his pet He asked his Mom where Jen was His Mom showed him that Jen was sitting on her nest protecting her eggs And one day the eggs hatched and they were baby chicks Daniel told his Mom that he had lots of pets not only one big chicken lots of cute baby chicks too by Felicity The book includes uestions and a craft activity after the story This book would relate to students because many of them love animals The students will write about their pets A very simple story about Daniel and his pet chicken Except for the very last page the text is always in the same place on the page with plenty of white space around it The illustrations are by G Brian Karas in what looks like it may be colored pencil As with all of the Green Light Readers there are simple discussion uestions as well as an activity at the back of the book In this case the activity is a craft to create a hatching chick The CIP page which is at the back. Daniel loves his new pet But what will happen when it hatch.

EBOOK READ (Daniel's Pet Green Light Readers Level 1) Ø Alma Flor Ada

Dr Ada was the founder and First Editor in Chief of NABE Journal of the National Association for Bilingual EducationShe has been active for many years in various professional associations including IRA International Reading AssociationCRA California Reading AssociationCABE California Association for Bilingual EducationUSIBBY US Branch of the International Board of Books for Young PeopleShe is a member of Advisory Board of Loose Leaf Public Radio ProgramsNational Television WorkshopBetween the LinesReading Up Natural Head Start AssociationA freuent speaker at national and international conferences Dr Ada also works in school districts with children teachers and parents The award winning author of numerous children’s books and a prolific translator Alma Flor Ada is a leading mentor and philosopher of bilingual education in the United States She has authored several reading programs among them two Spanish reading programs Cielo abierto K 6Vamos de fiesta K 3and of two English reading programs Signatures K 6Collections K 6and is a series consultant for Relatos de la historia 1 5 a Spanish social studies program developed by Harcourt School PublishersAmong her most substantive contributions to the transmission of Hispanic culture to children are Música amiga a program for learning through songs published by Del Sol BooksPuertas al Sol Pathways to the Sun published by SantillanaLatino poetry Art and Biographies for children published by SantillanaDr Ada received her PhD in Spanish Literature from the Pontifical Catholic University of Lima Perú and did post doctoral research at Harvard University as a Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute and a Fulbright Research Scholar

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