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EBOOK NEW (Blitzkrieg in the West) · Ian Baxter

C and Holland and Belgium uickly fell leaving the British and French forces outflanked and outfought Panic set in and huge numbers of civilian refugees clogged the roads making the Allies withdrawal even precarious The miracle of Dunkirk saved vast numbers of British and Fren.

Ch forces but could not prevent the surrender of France leaving Britain to fight on virtually alone The splendid photographs in this Images of War series book tell the story of this extraordinary period of history They include previously unseen images of Rommel s Ghost Divisi.

This superbly illustrated book captures the dramatic action of May and June 1940 The speed and ferocity of the German onslaught took the Allies by surprise as Hitler s land and air forces annihilated the inferior opposition After 9 months stalemate the collapse was cataclysmi.

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Ian Baxter is a military historian who specializes in German twentieth century military history He has written than forty books and over 100 articles about the World War II era He has reviewed numerous military studies for publication and supplied thousands of photographs and important documents to various publishers and film production companies worldwide

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