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If I had the time I would have finished this book in one sitting Terrific storytelling I really enjoyed how Destefano laid out this story by telling it from the different character s point of view This helped me understand exactly what each character was thinking and feeling I feel it was the best way for this story to be told I wasn t confused by the multiple point of views at allThe futuristic setting in New Orleans was perfect and felt believable The only thing keeping this book from being a 5 star read for me was the romance I wasn t feeling it The romance felt thin on the surfaceThe other thing I really liked about this book you et the whole story because this is a stand alone novel I don t see many stand alone novels in the UF and PNR Elena's Conquest genres very much I moing to keep my eye out any novels by Merrie Destefano This was definitely original but the world didn t hold my interestPlot 3 stars Not to bad There is a lot of potential with the series Action was not bad Cover 2 stars Is it just me or does the cover model look like she s on crack She is really f I received an ARC of this book and I am totally floored by it It went beyond anything I could even imagine It was urban fantasy based in a place I love to read about New Orleans But this New Orleans is a futuristic one where life and death are completely turned on their ears Where cats are not the only ones with nine lives if you choose Oh what a hot mess this novel is First the author should refrain from all her stilted metaphors They are overwhelming Second she should ive some thought about developing characters Chaz Russell and even Angeliue are practically interchangeable In fact we are told that Chaz is a musician but only Russel has musical metaphors Third although showing not telling is the best way to advance the plot this novel s history and background remain opaue well past page 75 Even after some of the details of the world are explained the motivations are unconvincing Overall some ideas but not enough skill to carry them off Where to start For the first 12 of this book I was a ball of frustration My hubby kept asking Still reading that one Why don t you stop and move on The answer so many 4 5 reviews had me curious what I was missing The book dumps you into the world with little to no explanation of well anything You meet the two mains Chaz who is a babysitter and employee of Fresh Start And Angeliue the Newbie he s babysitting There are many POVs including a dog s which added to some of my confusion I think Chaz often came off as a female voice causing me to have to flip back to double check Who s POV am I reading now LOLI eventually figured out the idea behind the storyworld Chaz and his family created Fresh Start a resurrection company If you choose to live and die one life no resurrection you are considered a One Timer Turns out as things are now you can only resurrect into a clone body nine times before your DNA breaks down so much that you cannot jump again Babysitters look after those that have recently jumped into their next life You can choose which memories you d like to carry over with you You don t wake with them they come back to you over the first couple of days Why 35 As confused as I was I was just as eually impressed with the writing How can that be The writing was beautiful but lacking in the information I needed as a reader to understand the world she was creating And the storyline is original and an interesting one I don t know that I could manage any add l books in the series I seriously felt like the most ignorant person trying to figure out this book Maybe eventually but this may be the last of the Resurrection Chronicles for me Nine lives aren t enough for those seeking immortalityFresh Start employee Chaz Domingue assists his newly resurrected charges for their first week and this one s proving a real challenge Angeliue Baptiste s previous identity had ties with Chaz s brother and was highly involved in some revolutionary research the results for which some people will kill With resurrection that s not much of a threat but Chaz is a One Timer who never signed up for future livesMerrie Destefano has crafted a premise th. Chaz Domingue works as a professional Babysitter in New Orleans His job is to integrate and protect the recently deceased into their new and improved lives a position he reluctantly accepted after his father was murdered Though Fresh Start has alway.

(Afterlife) PDF Ä Merrie Destefano

S I said dog but Omega is no ordinary dog as you will soon find out In this future you have the choice of being a stringer and jumping to different lives as in resurrection by being downloaded into a clone but you only have nine chances Or being a one timer and forgoing the resurrection option and moving on to heaven or hell if that is your belief Of course there are pro s and con s to every choiceBut what happens when your on your ninth life Well the nine timers don t want that to be the end and are fighting back Chaz who is in the family business at Fresh Start is a baby sitter for newbies and the lovely Angeliue is his charge Except she seems to have a lot of secrets from her past lives Can she help with the nine timer problem Or is she a part of it Afterlife is imaginative creative with some definite new ideas for a novel compelling characters reat plot and awesome world building But I had a bit of a time following the story at the start following some of the terms used though the author starts to explain things around chapter eight And I wasn t able to King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies get into the main characters as much as I like but it was still aood read had an original plot and the story wrapped up very nicely at the end I received and ARC of this book and it was amazingIn the first few chapters that hanging chapters based in separate character s POV was a bit disorientating for me in the beginning As the story developed it engulfed me into this work of a future time where people can jump their consciousness to a new body up to 9 times In a car wreak and you have the expensive chip swoosh new bodyIt is a really interesting concept and it made an amazing story Once you Rescuing Gus get used to the different characters having their own point of view in separate chapters that all cohesively tie into each other you are swept away into the futurist world where even the ones you loveet bored and leave you for a new life new memories and a new body I read and ARC it was amazing and I totally recommend this book to you all Once you pass the first 30 pages you are hooked One of the most original Urban Fantasy books of the year I m on a hell of an awesome reading streak The last 10 books I ve read were A I love it Afterlife is the first novel in The Resurrection Chronicles by Merrie Destefano That s a mouth full Starting off you Class of 92: Out of Our League get a 101 on Babysitting and no I don t mean taking care of children Babysitting in Afterlife takes a whole new meaning to looking after someone I ll break it down for you Resurrection is a way of life in this world Nine lives is as much as a person canet but for me nine is than enough Each time someone dies there memories are downloaded into a new body at Fresh Start which is the facility and head mangment of Resurrections and Even when it s capiable of having nine different lives that still isn t enough for some people Which is when others try to fine a true life of immortality That can never be Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story good and it only brings trouble everyone espeically Chaz and AngeliueEach chapter titles which character s POV it will be in Weet a variety of POVs in this novel which I enjoyed There s Chaz Angeliue Neville Russell and even the dog named Omega Chaz and Angeliue have the most chapters in their POV s I really liked the characters The secondary characters really stuck out and had me intertained As for a dogs POV I enjoyed it but since I m a avid reader of shape shifter Werewolf novels and have read the POV of animals before I found it not as believeable as others I ve read Of course no one can know what a dog is really thinking but I found this Omgea was way to smart and thought like a human than other animal POV s I ve read before I did still enjoy it though I love when authors mixes things up and having a few chapters ina dogs POV really mixes it up I said POV a lot in this paragraph huhAfterlife is a wonderful exciting and refreshing read The characters are interesting and the plot keeps you on your toes If your an Urban Fantasy reader this book should o on your TBR pile If your a Urban Fantasy reader who is stuck in a reading rut then this is really the novel for you It s a mix up from normal Urban Fantanys And original read indeed. Is places Chaz at the lethal center of a maelstromNow the only hope for Chaz and his family and the ultimate fate of the human race is secretly locked away in the mind of Angeliue the beautiful mysterious Newbie who’s been entrusted to Chaz’s ca.

At s powerful in its simplicity The perfect blend of urban fantasy and science fiction there are characters to cheer for and settings that spook From the City of the Dead to the Underground Circus from en spikes to liuid light from dogs to their human counterparts Afterlife has so much to love and the second Resurrection Chronicle can t come soon enough No cliff hanger ending though it s a orgeous standalone Set in the New Orleans of the future Afterlife ives us a chilling look at what humanity might become if we developed the technology to transcend death The Fresh Start company uses clones and memory downloading to resurrect anyone with the money to pay for the privilege up to a total of nine lives But as we uickly learn there are so many things that simply weren t thought out before the technology was unveiledThe hero Chaz Domingue is a scion of the family that founded Fresh Start but his older brother is the one who inherited the billion dollar empire Instead Chaz works as a Babysitter shepherding the newly resurrected through their first disorienting days after returning to life Since acuiring his latest charge the lovely Angeliue Chaz finds that danger is stalking him and his family but doesn t know why The answers may lie in Angeliue s fragmented memories and what the two of them learn has the potential to affect the fate of all humanityMerrie DeStefano drops the reader right into the action for the first few chapters you may feel as lost as Angeliue herself trying to et your bearings in this strange new world The chapters are short and tense Each chapter focuses on one incident either in the main narrative or in the characters past and most of the chapters conclude with a revelation that propels the plot forward or ives us further information about Chaz and Angeliue s world They are told from several points of view including Chaz Angeliue a couple of villains and a dog I love the dog The rapid fire chapters can feel choppy at first but keep the story moving at a Moonrise good clipDespite this uick pace Afterlife is a book that tugs at the heartstrings Some passages will be hard to read if you love children others will be hard to read if you love dogs What the novel won t really do is make your heart pound with romance the romance is not the focal point of the story and is rather thinly developed Obviously some readers will like this non romanciness and others will not Afterlife features some Christian themes and motifs These are handled well the story asks a number of uestions about death and the soul with very little preachiness There were only a few moments that seemed to preach It s that the rules and internal logic of Afterlife are rooted in the Christian cosmologyIf there s a sticking point here it s a small one but one that packs a big punch The word Mongoloid I could never uite suss out from context what it means in the novel s world but Iather that it s not the same thing it means in our world Nonetheless it does mean something in our world and it s a word I have a visceral negative reaction to It s not an epithet I like to see used by a hero I m supposed to be sympathizing with so it took me longer to start liking Chaz than it otherwise would have I found myself wishing DeStefano had made up a fictional epithet insteadOther than that Afterlife is an addictive read with a breakneck pace that might fool you into thinking it s just a thriller until you realize how deeply it has its claws in your emotions I recommend it to anyone looking for something different in urban fantasy It s not uite like anything else I ve read and blends urban fantasy science fiction philosophy and apocalyptic fiction into one satisfying wholeReview originally published at Fantasy Literature Destefano s debut is a darkly wonderful novel fast paced and compelling chuck full of suspense mystery murder deceit with the ever present struggle of Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi good vs evil and just a dash of romance The story takes place in New Orleans in a type of futuristic world totally different from our own and makes you appreciate the fact that your world is not like this At least for me it did It s done in several different character POV s including a dog Ye. S been the onlyame in town resurrection isn’t what it’s cracked up to be Nine lives are all a person can After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 get and a powerfulroup of desperate high level Nine Timers will stop at nothing to possess the keys to true immortality Unfortunately th.

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