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Organized A fun easy and educational read from amazing Jewish women leaders Worth reading through than once n order Male teachers ofJewish deas around the world Speaking about Spiritual Matters Body andSoul Gender and Roles Biblical Texts and Jewish Women Past and Present Jewish Women Speak covers an enormous range with clarity depth humor and wisdom With subjects ncluding ge.

KINDLE (Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters)

Read this at the start of my journey I appreciated t What a great compilation of articles on Women s ssues Nicely. Uick on the heels of their Jewish bestseller Jewish Matters husband and wife editors Doron and Sarah Tikvah Kornbluth have teamed up to produce Jewish Women Speak a moving and Library Wars: Love and War 10 inspiring collection of essays bywell known and less known butmpressive nonetheless fe.

O grasp all the nfo n the book and great for a uick reference I especially loved the article about women and minyan. Nder Crossing Boarders issues relationships marriage beauty mikveh Shabbat prayer women and work the greatness of Jewish women and this thin paperbacks sure to be a favorite to readre read and give as a gift to Jewish women everywhere When Jewish Women Speak t s worth listening.

Doron Kornbluth on Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters