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(PDF) The Biggest Ever Tim Vine Joke Book

I njoyed itLots of one liners and awful puns Just what is needed to bring a smile to your face You jokes are hit and miss but lots hits than you usually get from comedians I recommend this book for The Shadow Reader exercising your chuckle muscle I love his one liners reading it in bed just makes the bed bounce D very very funny a must read for all joke lovers I love this book Not only is it the funniest joke book I vever read but it also inspired me to write my own joke book so it will always have a special place in my hearton my bookshelf Some of the jokes are pretty bad to be honest but there are so many that are The irrepressible hysterical puntastical Tim Vine star of stage and screen treats all of us here in his first joke book Packed full of zingers and hilarious illustrations if this doesn't put a smile on your face nothing will What's not to like The other day someone.

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Ckling and annoying anyone near you uality over uantity comes to mind after finishing this book There are some funny and witty puns and jokes in the book but there are a lot of silly and predictable ones in there as filler jokes I d have appreciated it of it had been a much smaller book with uality throughout I ll stick to watching him perform A cracking collection of puns and witty one liners Well worth a read or just a random dip into now and again I admit Tim Vine s an acuired taste but like him and this tastes delicious Wide range of gags and puns from chortle grade to full roll on the floor strengt. Know what people see in them So I fancied a game of darts with my mate He said 'Nearest the bull goes first' He went 'Baah' and I went 'Moo' He said 'You're closest' Velcro What a rip off Black Beauty He's a dark horse I've got a sponge front door Hey don't knock.

Augh out loud funny that it doesn t matter In fact the bad ones just help break the book up a bit if anything When it s good it s truly hilarious I prefer it to Stewart Francis and Peter Serafinowicz recent books although both of those are good as well they just didn t make me actually laugh out loudIf you like one liners puns and good wholesome humour you should njoy this book immensely Made me laugh out loud loads of times and made me want to read bits aloud to anyone in the vicinity always the sign of a funny book Some great gags some average some poor but than nough of the great ones to keep you chu. Left a piece of plasticine in my dressing room I didn't know what to make of it I'm against hunting I'm actually a hunt saboteur I go out the night before and shoot the fox I saw this bloke chatting up a cheetah He was trying to pull a fast one Black holes I don't.

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