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I uneuivocally ecommend this book to all my A level chemistry students There s NOTHING else out there that even comes close If you are serious about getting a good grade buy this book and make extensive use of it I have a strong dislike of chemistry specifically the mathematical side of it The theoretical side I m surprisingly good at However there can be no light without darkness and that darkness is maths This book whilst slightly outdated hence 4 stars does set out how to approach and tackle these maths uestions effectively and efficiently The practice uestions provided are also very use. Calculations in A Level Chemistry guides your students through the various types of calculations which they will encounter during their ASA level course in a clear and simple way Suitable for use with all AS and A Level specifications it helps your students to understand mathematical concepts specific to AS and A Level Chemistry Assumes

Ful and testing and somewhat numerous too If like me you struggle with maths this book will help you with it in chemistry I m a fan of his website Chemguide anyway and bought the book to support him but was surprised at just his good it is Definitely ecommend for any chemists out there looking to brush up on basics or to have a bank of activities for students This book is a lifesaver From someone who eally struggles with maths this is the only esource I have found after literal months of scouring the web that has made me understand even the most difficult euation My teacher speaks very hi. Nly a basic knowledge of GCSE Chemistry to help bridge the gap between GCSE and ASA Level Ideal as a self study text to build students' knowledge and competence in completing calculations Uses simple language to clearly explain the basic principles Guides students through each exercise with help and hint boxes as they gradually progress

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Ghly of both this book and Jim Clark s website chemguide I can t ecommend it enough worth every penny Life saver to be honest If you e not so great at maths and are trying to do chemistry but are terrified at all the calculations this book will help you step by step Covers CCEA exam board and other exam boards but not too sure specifically It s not a CD on the front Covers both AS and A2 calculations for CCEA Great help and step by step on conuering the Acid Base Euilibrium calculations A must have for those not great at maths doing A Level chemistry It will improve your confidence greatly. Hrough the text Covers variants of each type of calculation Calculations in AS and A Level Chemistry fills a gap in the market and provides excellent coverage of the calculations needed at A Level Chapters are clearly laid out with plenty of worked examples and there are helpful notes throughout The Times Educational Supplement April 2001.

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