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I was given a copy of Empire War Cricket in South Africa for a gift As an American I m not familiar with South Africa or cricket so I was intrigued This is the story of James D Logan a Scotsman who brought his culture politics and cricket to South Africa Mr Logan was a person that didn t have much when he arrived in South Africa Over several decades he built the community Matjiesfontein by building political friends and introducing the game of cricket to the area The book talks about how working with the railroad system and restraunts along the way How he got involved with politics and his contributions in the Boer WarDean Allen has written a fascinating book that touches on so much of the events of the time While reading it I wanted to understand of that era I looked up how cricket was played the story of the Boer War and what was happening in South Africa I highly recommend this wond. Cecil John Rhodes once said he had only met two creators in South Africa himself and James Douglas Logan the Scottish born founder of Matjiesfontein Empire War explore the controversia.

PDF NEW Empire, war & cricket in South Africa: Logan of Matjiesfontein

Erful book and you ll find the multiple photos fascinating I struggled reading this book even though the story is an interesting one There are several sections which are uite repetitive and it would have benefitted from better editing for example there is a paragraph which has two consecutive sentances about a topic starting with the phras An excellentinteresting book The story is a fascinating one and has parallels with our modern times jobs for pals corruption arrogance in politics business and sports administration Unfortunately Allen goes on far too long I found myself skipping chunks of text However it s worth a read especially if you ve been to or intend going to Matjiesfontein Bought this as Christmas present for my husband Although he is not a cricket fan he enjoyed reading the story of Logan and his contribution to South Africa Was passed on to his friend to read Excellent. L 1901 South African cricket tour to England in the midst of the Anglo Boer War; read the amazing story of how Logan once had the captain and manager of England s cricket team arrested.

Very informative and engaging A look into an element of the time period that isn t widely written about Fascinating insight into the life of a Scotsman who created a town Matjiesfontein in the remote Karoo South AfricaBy Jacui TaylorWell researched highly readable and entertaining story about an enterprising Scotsman Lord Logan who created a Garden of Eden health resort and town Matjiesfontein in South Africa s Karoo Full of interesting historical stories of the Anglo Boer war which started just after the Lord Milner Hotel was built and cricket the first match in South Africa was played here This book brings to life this wonderful town s story Buy the book and then visit the town uniue in South Africa s rich historical past Fascinating but could have avoided some duplication and repetition if stuck to pure chronological narrative I still enjoyed read and lots of excellent photograph. As they boarded their ship home; and discover Logan s close relationship with Rhodes and how their shady dealings brought down the Premier s first government Illustrated throughout wi.

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