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D be part of the curriculum of all schools I voted Leave in the 2016 referendum and was astonished by the subseuent wrangling in the UK about the result It was rare to hear the Brexit case treated sympathetically in much of the national discourse the media treatment was invariably sensationalised and hostile This book presents a compelling case for why the UK was never a ood fit for the EU and how it may or indeed may not prosper post BrexitIt begins with a insightful romp through Britain s historical relations with the Continent It then oes on to analyse the 2016 referendum and the constitutional shenanigans which played out during May s premiership and the early part of Johnson s It finishes with eventual Brexit deal and the ramifications of COVIDTombs is wonderful writer eminent in European aff. Has been inhabited it has been on the edge culturally and literally of mainland Europe  In this succinct book Tombs shows that the decision to leave the EU is historically explicable though not made historically inevitable by Britain's very different historical experience espe.

characters This Sovereign Isle: Britain in and out of Europe

The author provides a detailed account of the UK s historic relationship with Europe The staggering extent to which the whole European project was based on mistaken judgments and outright deception is laid bare The unforgiveable failure of enerations of politicians to free us from this unaccountable and undemocratic association of countries is rigorously analysed Thankfullyin the aftermath of the historic 2016 referendum the shameful attempts by a coalition of deluded pro European extremists to circumvent the democratically expressed will of the people were as doomed to failure as the movement which they so fervently espoused What a tremendous book from someone who certainly knows what they are talking about so satisfying to find a intelligent book on UK History and the truth about the EU It shoul. Brought to you by PenguinGeography comes before history Islands cannot have the same history as continental plains The United Kingdom is a European country but not the same kind of European country as Germany Poland or Hungary For most of the 150 centuries during which Britain.

This Sovereign Isle: Britain in and out of Europe E–pub/E–book

Airs I can only be critical of his analysis of COVID where he says the UK s performance has been mediocre It seems worse than that in terms of recorded deaths although the vaccine roll out may prove to be a Arabian Challenge game changer both in terms of our longer term response to COVID and wider perceptions of the EU He also seems not to put too much store in claims for Scottish independence or Irish unification I feel both are open to uestion than the author allowsBut it was a thoroughly enjoyable read which I managed within 24 hours of its receipt I would encourage Remainers to read it who areenuinely curious about the motivations and indeed instincts of those of us who voted Leave and also Leavers who may be eager to shore up their positions against any implacable Remainers they may still be having to encounter. Cially in the 20th century and because of ourextensive and deeper ties outside Europe He challenges the orthodox view that Brexit was due solely to British or English exceptionalism in choosing to leave the EU the British he argues were in many ways voting as typical Europeans?.

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