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PDF Scarica Why Are the Ice Caps Melting?: The Dangers of Global Warming (Lets–Leggi–and–Find–Out Science 2) Autore Anne Rockwell

Ganda from the green lobby I sed this book for a Something Radiates unit I taught recently on natural resources and conservation and my second graders loved it One of the few books on the subject geared toward younger children this book does a great job of presenting global warming in simple kid friendly terms without distortion The fun and accessible illustrations are very engaging my students spent several minutes just examining the page with plankton and other sea life They came away from the book with both a sense ofrgency about the topic and the conviction that they can do something to help I teach a Montessori Class of 5 7 year olds and this book really caught all of their attentions and made them concerned and in awe of the greenhouse effect They decided to do a project on global warming and turn our school into a green school The book was laid out in a very easy to nderstand format with some great illustrations I really recommend. Ok explores challenging concepts for children in the primary grades The 100 titles in this leading nonfiction series arehands on and visualacclaimed and trustedgreat for classroomsTop 10 reasons to love LRFOsEntertain and educate at the same timeHave appealing child centered topicsDevelopmentally appropriate for emerging readersFocused; answering estions instead of Bonsai from the Wild using survey approachEmploy engaging picture bookality illustrationsUse simple charts and graphics to improve visual literacy skillsFeature hands on activities to engage.

It is not right that children should be fed nprovable theories like this current book aimed at kids The very title is misleading the ice caps are not melting and although the Arctic sea ice has been in retreat for a number of years those at the Antarctic are at their greatest extent in living memory The book purports to provide scientific facts but fails dismally and it is morally wrong in my opinion to feed such material to children whether at school or in the home Excellent thanks Why should young children be subjected to wrong and misleading theories about climate The very title is ite misleading why are the ice caps melting Although the sea ice in the Arctic has been retreating for many years that at the other end of the globe is actually at its greatest extent for many years At least provide children with some semblance of the truth and with a scientific basis rather than half digested ideas which is actually propa. Read and find out about the greenhouse effect and what you can do to help fight global warming in this colorfully illustrated nonfiction picture bookThe temperature on Earth is rising At the North Pole ice is melting In the ocean water is getting higher And in some places around the world whole rivers might even dry p But why is this happening and what can we do to stop itThis is a clear and appealing science book for early elementary age kids both at home and in the classroom It's a Level 2 Let's Read and Find Out which means the bo.

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This book to anyone wanting to teach their kids about the cause of global warming what it is and what we can do to help Interesting facts in this books Global warming is a scary topic for a children s book but one that children need to know about In WHY ARE THE ICE CAPS MELTING author Anne Rockwell writes about this topic in a voice that children can nderstand Ms Rockwell explains why the ice caps are melting what global warming is what the greenhouse effect is and most important of all she tells children what they can do to help stop this from happeningWritten in a friendly mentoring style WHY ARE THE ICE CAPS MELTING will inform children while fostering a good attitude towards conservation and our environment Illustrated with cute but educational pictures from talented artist Paul Meisel WHY ARE THE ICE CAPS MELTING takes children on a journey that will affect them the rest of their lives A My students love this book. Young scientistsMeet national science education standardsWrittenillustrated by award winning authorsillustrators vetted by an expert in the fieldOver 130 titles in print meeting a wide range of kids' scientific interestsBooks in this series support the Common Core Learning Standards Next Generation Science Standards and the Science Technology Engineering and Math STEM standards Let's Read and Find Out is the winner of the American Association for the Advancement of ScienceSubaru Science Books Films Prize for Outstanding Science Serie.

Anne Rockwell is a pioneer in the field of nonfiction for very young children She has than a hundred books to her credit including Why Are the Ice Caps Melting and Clouds in the Let’s Read and Find Out Science series She lives in Greenwich Connecticut

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