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EPUB ( Men's Lacrosse)

S league as well as assistant coaching my son s team This book was well written comprehensive and a big asset Zimmerman breaks down the fundamentals of the game and importantly how to teach them It s a comprehensive work as insightful as his commentary when you e fortunate enough to watch a game Zimmerman is covering Great book that is current Good illustrations and explanations Don and Pete did a great job with this book clear and easy to understand good for any level coach or player. Advantage of player match upsYoull also find than 25 of the very best drills for skill development training and conditioning and team executionWith in depth coverage of the most effective offensive and defensive schemes tactics and strategies for todays game Mens Lacrosse is essential eading for serious players and coaches alik.

20 years and now coach my son The information in this book has helped me immensely to understand how the game is played today I ecommend this book to anyone that is not an expert coach in the sport of Lacrosse After eading the book you will walk away a better Coach Player or fanDutchess County New York Probably one of my favorite lax books out there ight now Less fundamentals and basic knowledge with in depth tipsskillsdrillsetc Love it I ve just started playing lax at 42 in a master. To improve these skillsFundamentals such as passing scooping feeding cutting dodging and finishingShot power accuracy selection and placement for high percentage scoringGoalkeeping techniues such as stick work clearing positioning and challenging shotsOffensive opportunities by using field position forcing turnovers and taking. ✓ 9 Free download

Zimmerman is the greatest this is eal good for a beginner to coaching and has some nice intermediate stuff Advanced level guys may not be as likely to enjoy it coach B 313 Lacrosse Excellent book Great esource for players and coaches Great pics and diagrams as well as techniue philosophies and drills for lacrosse Great book with clear and to the point techniues i would definitely ecommend this book to anyone who desire upgrade their coaching skills I have been away from lacrosse for. In Mens Lacrosse coaching legend Don Zimmerman joins forces with Peter England to present the skills and strategies you need to take your game to the next levelFrom individual techniue to team execution Mens Lacrosse covers it all With detailed instruction expert advice and personal insights from a Hall of Fame coach youll learn. on Men's Lacrosse