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Story vs historic detail in Caveat Emptor The plot had a modern feel to it with its mphasis on human relationships greed petty power struggles and bureaucratic bad behavior But there is Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars enough historic material here living conditions Roman medicine transportation burial rites tribal relationshipstc to make the story original and Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life entertaining for the reader who chooses this genre for those ualitiesA very fine book in a good series that gets interesting withach successive Crazy Love episode Recommended I suspect Ruso was my favourite investigator of crimes by the time I d finished the first book in Ruth Downie s Medicus series The second bookxpanded this world to include darker themes and the wild north And by the time Ruso went home to Gaul in the third book he was not only my favourite investigator but one of my favourite characters in any book series Left with something of an uncertain future at the Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society end of that book I wasn t sure what toxpect from the fourth book other than being sure it would be highly ntertainingCaveat Emptor takes us back to Britain where Ruso and Tilla now man and wife find themselves dragged into problems galore Tilla becomes a friend and helper to a native woman who has got herself into disastrous trouble her man the tax collector having disappeared with the money Ruso finds himself appointed by the province s assistant procurator to investigate the disappearance of the tax collector and his moneyWhat follows is a complex and thoroughly ngrossing investigation taking us from the docksides of Londinium London to the finance offices of Verulamium St Albans A plot that involves a fascinating and shady cast of characters from lurking town guards to power hungry councillors to weaselly clerks to half blind noblemen and so on A plot that I might add while I grasped parts of the solution half way through parts kept me guessing to the nd A plot that is not all it seems at any given pointBut once the major wins of the book are the main characters and Ruth s writing Having met Ruth now and discovered what a truly nice lady she is it amazes me how she seems to be able to get into the mindset of hen pecked males or vicious mysogenists or the like so well that they read as truly authentic Ruso is at times hapless at times heroic mostly beleaguered and often confused He is a man who tries to do the right thing ven though at times he d like nothing than to do the wrong one Tilla is no barbarian nor is she a Roman matron She is not a charicature but a person with all the complexity that implies And as always with Ruth s writing the threads of gentle uirky humour that run throughout add counterpoint to the seriousness of the situations in which they find themselves and make the books something special and a delight to readAs a last treat here s just a taster of the sort of writing that makes me love Ruth s workAs the ostler had promised the ginger mare was keen to go but not necessarily forward After winning the argument over which of them was steering Ruso urged it out under the archway and onto the wide Black Heart, Red Ruby expanse of the North roadIf that kind of writing doesn t make you want to read then I reckon nothing willCaveat Emptor A beautifully constructed mystery And now I go on to read the next book Semper Fidelis I ve been loving this series of novels They are well researched and well written the pace is good and the characters are interesting I particularly like Tilla But I thought this fourthntry rather fell down on the plot It was still very readable but I thought the nd was rather confusing and muddled shame I have recently discovered this series of books and as I love anything about Ancient Rome these are a worthy follow up to those written by Lindsay Davies And also set at a later Roman period in Britannia which is less well known Will certainly to get my hands on pisode. Imself fired he and his bride find themselves trapped at the heart of an increasingly treacherous conspiracy involving theft forgery buried treasure and the legacy of Boudica the rebel uee.

I ve read just about New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood every Roman mystery series SaylorJohn Maddox RobertsLindsey Davistc and hands down the Medicus series is my favorite by FAR Not only do you get two PoV characters but Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey each one has a compelling voice which makes it impossible NOT to keep those pages turning Newly divorced Ruso s dry humor kept me laughing all the way through Then there s Tilla whose no nonsense nature becomes increasingly pronounced throughout the seriesWith most Roman mystery series I have a huge problem with how late the author introduces the mystery Sometimes the mystery doesn t play a role until midway into the book or gasp later These works are too wrapped up in the historical background to really call themselves honest mysteriesDownie on the other hand introducesach book with the crime itself By bracketing the story within that mystery you can always xpect a focused investigation with clues and allI can NOT praise this series nough Gaius Petreius Ruso and Tilla newly married return to Britannia after a visit to his family in Gaul They have their wedding gifts all packed but having left the Roman legions to travel to Gaul Ruso finds himself in Londinium without a job His fellow Medicus Valens has been unable to find a Medicus position for Ruso but has found him a job as an investigator for the local procurator Ruso is not terribly happy since he is NOT an investigator and feels wholly inadeuate to do the jobIt would seem that a very pregnant lady has appeared at the procurator s office to report her lover the local tax collector missing Ruso is sent to a neighboring town to locate the man who with his brother has disappeared while on the way to Londinium with the tax monies collected in VerulamiumOf course the chief concern of the politician s is the location of the taxes but when the tax collector s murdered body without any ЯED evidence of the the money is found the plot as they say thickensSeems thatven in ancient times crime and vice in all its forms xisted as often as today infidelityillegitimacy jealousy thievery murder oh yes and counterfeiting all xisted And then as today corruption at high and low levels was intertwined All of which along with various barbarian and Roman factions muddying the situation make Ruso s life miserable As if those things were not The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs enough various attempts on the lives of various characters insolent servants and Tilla s headstrong disobedience of Ruso s instructions in anffort to held threaten to drive him madBut as usual all of the various dead Moreno end threadsventually get woven into a or less satisfying solution The plot is well developed and complex Monsieur Pain enough that the reader is just as confused and frustrated as the hero The characters are realistically complex and at times just as Ruso the reader sometimes trusts and at other times distrusts the same person All of this makes the puzzle very intriguing and keeps the reader turning the page to see what happens nextAt thend also as a result of Tilla s loyalty to her Britannic fellows and Ruso s loyalty to Rome as her desire to stay in Britain and his growing desire to return to Gaul as his need to find a position as a Medicus increases with little opportunity in Londinium the couple finds themselves at a crucial point in their relationship Tilla wonders if they should part and Ruso find himself another wife After four adventures with them and having watched their partnership grow and flourish it is a decision that is as difficult for the reader to ponder as it is for themWhere will the road lead in the next book I m anxious to know The intrepid Ruso former legionary doctor returns in Ruth Downies fourth instalment in Caveat Emptor US version He also returns to Britannia in tow with his new wife Tilla after staying with his family in Gaul I have to admit its irritating to find that the names of the books. In her fourth novel Ruth Downie brings to life the corruption and treachery of Roman occupied Britain as it closes in on her winsome leading man Gaius Petreius Ruso and his new wife Tilla.

In the US and Britain differ and you have to grub around A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author each time a book is released If you want a hardback version you have to order from the US as well and its annoyingThe above said in Caveat Emptor the book opens with Ruso returning to Britain and landing at the port of Londunium where he meets his friend and former legionary surgeon Vallens Ruso is hoping to return to his old trade but when a tax collector and his brother disappear on route to the settlement he is volunteered to investigate the circumstances of the disappearance of the brothers and the moneyIt s not long before the one of the bodies turns up dead not too far away from where Ruso is staying and rumours spread that he must have been killed by his brother who has ran off with the cash As usual things are not as they appear and Ruso soon finds links with the Iceni and Catuvellanni as hisnuiries begin With Tilla wanting a baby Ruso is than happy when he goes off in search of the truthIt s not long however before Tilla turns up in company with a woman claiming to be the great grand daughter of none other than Boudica and she is heavily pregnant with the unborn baby of the dead man With counterfeit coins corrupt officials and deserters from the Roman army and with the threat of the Iceni Ruso has his work cut out as he soon becomes a target for the men who have a vested interest in covering what what actually happened It s another good book by Ruth Downie where the reader can What If expect to laugh andnjoy Ruso s The Exhaustion Breakthrough exploits Poor old Ruso is finding it hard to be a detective whenveryone around him is playing games to conceal the truth Best book so far Ruth Downie takes her Medicus series to a new level of complexity and intrigue with Caveat Emptor This fourth book in the highly ntertaining series set in Roman ruled Britain in the Second Century AD has protagonist Gaius Petreius Ruso and his now wife Tilla back in Londinium after a long visit to his family home in southern Gaul Ruso no longer an army medic is looking for work and reluctantly accepts an assignment from the Procurator of the province to investigate the disappearance of a tax collector and a substantial amount of tax revenue from the nearby town of Verulamium modern St Albans With Tilla and the missing tax collector s wife and child in tow Ruso moves his investigation to Verulamium to all appearances a very law abiding and largely Romanized settlement where the local Britons talk with Babbit like pride about their town and province The town fathers are not happy about the possibility of criminal scandal that has come with Ruso the Investigator and as the bodies of the tax collector and his brother turn up civic hostility becomes increasingly dangerous for Ruso and his family and colleaguesAuthor Downie has crafted a very clever plot that is slowly revealed through Ruso s investigation in classic police procedural fashion albeit in the historic context in which the mystery is set The conclusion is never predictable and is revealed only in the last few pages of the bookWhile the plot is clever and skillfully spun out what I liked ven about Caveat Emptor was the growing complexity of the characters The relationship between Ruso and his Briton wife Tilla is Supplemental Book extremely complicated To be sure there are masculinefeminine differences at work but this is also a pairing of twoxtremely different people coming from two very different cultures cosmopolitan vs tribal The two are shown to be strongly committed to Hark! The Herald Angels Scream each other but they are rarely in agreement about anything their lives together relationships with others how to investigate a crimetc That personal tension is consistently written into the Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners entire run of the story and for the most part strengthens it and brings a sense of historic reality to the taleI also thought that Downie provided a good balance of mystery. Have moved to the town of Verulamium where a tax man named Julius Asper has gone missing along with a lot of money As the investigation deepens and despite our hero's bestfforts to get

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(E–pub/E–book) Caveat Emptor: A Novel of the Roman Empire (The Medicus Series, 4) author Ruth Downie

Ruth RS Downie left university with an English degree and a plan to get married and live happily ever after She is still working on it In the meantime she is also the New York Times bestselling author of a mystery series featuring Roman legionary doctor Gaius Petreius Ruso and his British partner Tilla The latest book is a novella PRIMA FACIE published in July 2019There are eight full length novelsMEDICUS the first story AKA MedicusRuso and the Disappearing Dancing GirlsTERRA INCOGNITA Ruso and the Demented DoctorPERSONA NON GRATA Ruso and the Root of All EvilsCAVEAT EMPTOR Ruso and the River of DarknessSEMPER FIDELIS at last only one titleTABULA RASAVITA BREVISMEMENTO MORIIn 2015 Ruth helped to put together A YEAR OF RAVENS a novel of Boudicas rebellion with co conspirators Stephanie Drey E Knight Kate uinn Vicky Alvear Shecter SJA Turney and Russell Whitfield 2017 saw the publication of THE BEAR AND THE WOLF a short story of love and danger on Romes northern border written with SJA Turney IN 2019 she was a contributor to RUBICON the Historical Novel Societys collection of Roman era short storiesRuth lives in North Devon with a husband a fine view and too many cats She is not the same person as the RS Downie who writes real medical textbooks Absolutely none of the medical advice in the Ruso books should be followed Roman and Greek doctors were very wise about many things but they were also known to prescribe donkey dung and boiled cockroachesFind out at wwwruthdowniecom

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