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A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing EBOOK/EPUB

This novel drew me in immediately The opening is hectic almost breathless with many short sentences brief scenes and open uestions about what is happening I will go back to this text and force myself to ead it slowly in order to fully appreciate the work Jessie Tu has put into her novel My first Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness reading is an impressionather than close analysisThe novel is a thoughtful well constructed meditation on obsession the drivers like loneliness of agony of addiction on identity on casual deliberate acism on family on friendship and on the fraught elationship we. Jena Lin plays the violin She was once a child prodigy and now uses sex to fill the void left by fame Shes struggling a little Her professional life comprises ehearsals concerts auditions and elentless practice; her personal life is spent managing the demands of her strict family and creative friends and hooking up And then she meets Mark much older and worldly wise who consumes her But at what cost to her dreamsWhen Jena is awarded an internship with the New York Philharmonic she thinks the life she has dreamed of

Have with the arts in our dysfunctional neo liberal worldPlease ead it Easy to get caught up in the world of Jena which touches on what it is like to grow up in Australia with a foreign family history never uite knowing where you fit The story does not flinch and is at times graphic yet not out of context Great ead I was disappointed in this book and didn t finish it It wasn t my type of book and it was not enjoyable to Der Bilderw├Ąchter read but an effort I wouldn tecommend it to any of my friends nor my book club members Amazing insight into the head and life of a prof. S about to begin But when Trump is elected New York changes irrevocably and Jena along with it Is the dream over As Jenas life takes on echoes of Frances Ha her favourite film crucial truths are gradually evealed to her A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing explores female desire and the conseuences of wanting too much and never getting it It is about the awkwardness and pain of being human in an increasingly dislocated world and how in spite of all this we still try to become the person we want to be This is a dazzling.

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Essional musician and the turmoils we face navigating mental health and elationships in the music world One of the most well written confronting aw and honest novels about modern culture I have ead Be aware there is plenty of use of the c word and consensual and very confronting sex scenes but neither tool is used in my opinion in a gratuitous cheap sensational way This is masterful compelling beautiful writing by a fantastic author I am still eeling from the honesty of the subject matter It is so confronting it won t be for everyone but I loved it Bravo. And original debut from a young writer with a fierce intelligent and audacious voice I absolutely inhaled this book Gutsy bold and surprising with a darkness that draws you in and keeps you hanging onto every word Bri Lee author of Eggshell SkullJessie Tus writing is fierce and bold; I ead this novel with escalating excitement galvanised by the emergence of a powerful new voice Christos Tsiolkas author of Damascus Searing unflinching and unapologetic Jessie Tu is a fearless talent Sophie Hardcastle author of Below Dec.

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