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A copy of this easy reference guide to the legal system It s a dictionary and not a daily reading book This is a great price The book helps define everything legal It is a must read in the law program Thank you for providing a great read There is a newer addition available I will wait until the price lowers to buy This book needs to be in every African American household it needs to be handed down in the family excellent book I ordered the hardback I believe they do have it in paperback but I ordered it in the heart back because I want my son to pass it on to his children when he decides to have them this is a must book I am ust getting to know it now but I m glad I know it now I rate this book actually a 20 but I can only give it five stars here this is definitely must have in your library for generations try to find the older version of this book it is bette. Ion the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a time chart of the United States Supreme Court a Federal Circuit Map and British Regnal Yea.

Ank you for supplying this book for such a good price When I first decided to buy the Dictionary and saw the price for a new one I thought Wow it would be a long time before I set aside enough money to buy one Then I came to and was shocked at the price Then when I ordered it I worried that the uality of a used book would be disappointing I was wrong Even though it has been a long time since I purchased this book it is still in great shape and we have read it abused it and it is still in great shapeThanks for the great buy at a fraction of the price for new I was a little bit disappointed they used white tape to try and fix the pages that came away from the hard cover How can anyone complain about Black s Law Dictionary It s the standard Very helpful for looking up terms of art Not sure it s necessary now that everything is on the Internet Everyone should have. R 24000 definitions 4500 of which are completely new to the Seventh Edition Helpful extras include a list of legal maxims the US Constitut.

He loved it was very pleased with it when i gave it to him for xmas he said hes had a good read of it and its very informative GREAT PRICE for a Great Book A professional who works with attorneys and needs to understand certain legal concepts and terminology I have found Black s Law Dictionary a most useful tool It defines legal terms in such a clear and concise way that I don t need legal dictionaries designed for the layman Whenever I want to understand a new legal term I pick up this book and acuire a basic understanding within ust a minute or soMost attorneys already have familiarity with this book I highly recommend Black s Law Dictionary to the layman The book is exactly as described It is a bit worn but in good condition This is a big book with lots of info worth reading I highly recommend Black s Law Dictionary This is a reliable source to buy from Th. Completely revised in 1999 the Seventh Edition of Black's Law Dictionary is the premier legal reference resource This edition contains ove.

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