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(DOWNLOAD) Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo

A movement of art that memorializes the past while envisioning the future The book will serve historically as a cultural signpost a time where our various tribes coalesced into an aesthetic and communal whole of dynamic partsSpend time with this art book Open it to any page and you will find a generous two page spread filled with the imagery and poetry of what has been happening in San Francisc. Urban punk eco warrior cartoon and graffiti has flourished in this dynamic multicultural communityRigo Las Mujeres Muralistas Gronk Barry McGee Twist R Crumb Spain Rodriguez the Billboard Liberation Front Swoon Sam Flores Neckface Shepard Fairey Juana Alicia Os Gemeo.

I first saw this book in San Francisco when I also saw a lot of the street art The book is a wonderful coffee table book for residents and visitors who may not be aware of the wondrous art in this city Bought it for a daughter who has lived there for 11 years and has never seen the art Street Art SF captures the energy and the edges of SF s Mission where a critical mass of artists have created. With 600 stunning photographs this comprehensive book showcasesthan three decades of street art in San Francisco's legendary Mission District Beginning in the early 1970s a provocative street art movement combining elements of Mexican mural painting surrealism pop art.

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O s Mission I ve lived in the Mission for 30 years and worked as an artist here and yet Mission Art brought me new insights and appreciations Buy this book Give it to friends Lovely book and spirited I have one and give it to people interested in street art Great pictures and history about San Francisco An amazing place and it deserves the recognition Fabulous book Reminds me of the 70s in SF. S Reminesce and Andrew Schoultz are among the many artists who have made the streets of the Mission their public gallery Essays and commentaries by insiders involved with the movement document the artistic social and political forces that have shaped Mission Muralismo.

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